Bitcoin Web Wallets – Complete Guide, Reviews and More


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Web wallets live on the cloud and are practical for both daily spending and safe storing of your coins. Web wallets vary in terms of security, features, technology, and ease of use.

Advantages of Web Wallets

 Full control of your money (private keys)

 Simple to use and easy to access

 Easy to backup and restore wallet

 Track cold storage balances

 Free to use

Web wallet providers store an encrypted copy of your wallet on their secure servers. This allows them to provide you access to your wallet “on demand” when your password is inputted.

Trusted online wallet providers like GreenAddress will never store your sensitive information; therefore they cannot control or restrict your funds. 

Even if the wallet provider were to get compromised, the hacker would need your password to spend your funds.

Best Bitcoin Web Wallets 2018

Coinbase VaultHighHighLowYes

Blockchain, GreenAddress, and Bitgo are our favorite Bitcoin web wallets. For storing large amounts of money, we strongly recommend a hardware wallet.


We strongly recommend creating and accessing a web wallet from a highly-secure computer.

Generating a web wallet on a computer infected by keylogging or screen capture malware put your bitcoins at very high risk of theft.

If you lose your password/PIN and your recovery (master) seed, you will permanently lose access to your wallet and funds.

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