Bitcoin Mobile Wallets – Complete Guide, Reviews and More

This resource reviews the best Bitcoin mobile wallets and explores the different types


Wallet TypeSecurityUsabilityBest forCostPrivacy

Mobile wallets come in the form of mobile apps and live on your device.

These wallets are lightweight, easy to use and readily available in the palm of your hands. Mobile wallets are perfect for daily spending and new bitcoin users.

We do not recommend storing a large sum of money using these methodsMobile wallets come in the form of apps and are ultra-easy to setup and use. Mobile wallets are ideal for daily expenditures and are recommended over other hot wallets.

Advantages of Mobile Wallets


 Full control over your money (private keys)

 Ultra-convenient; day-to-day use

 Easy to backup and restore wallet

 Track cold storage balances


Best Bitcoin Wallet for iOS 2018

The best mobile wallets for iOS are MyCelium, Jaxx, Blockchain, Airbitz, and Bread.

 SecurityUsabilityAnonymityCompatible Coins
JaxxHighHighMediumBitcoin +
BlockchainHighHighMediumBitcoin +
BreadHighMediumMediumBitcoin +

Best Bitcoin Wallets for Android 2018

MyCelium, Copay, Blockchain, GreenAddress, and Bread are the best Android wallets.

SecurityUsabilityAnonymityCompatible Coins
BreadHighHighMediumBitcoin +


Planning to store a lot of coins? Do not use a mobile wallet! A hardware is your best bet.

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