Why Mooning? – Ontology (ONT), FunFair (FUN), 0x (ZRX) & Cortex (CTXC)


The week’s top gainers have mostly been those coins that had a stellar performance over the previous week. While the top cryptocurrencies had indifferent trading for the most part of today, here are top gainers that you can watch out for this week.

Ontology (ONT) – Free tokens with numerous airdrops.

At the moment, no cryptocurrencies on the market among the top 30 has the momentum that Ontology has. It’s the only platform in the green in both the 24-hour and 7-day charts. ONT currently trades at $9.23 against the US dollar and has a market cap of $1.03 billion.

Its price has increased by 6.77% and 12.40% over the last 24 hours and 7 days respectively. It’s one of the tokens that guarantee its holder some kind of return immediately the Mainnet launches.

The most exciting thing about Ontology is its dual ONT/ONG relationship. Just like NEO/GAS holders of ONT will have an opportunity to earn ONG tokens when its mainnet launches later. At the moment, it’s one of the hottest tokens to hold due to the expectation that holders of the NEP-5 token will receive free ONG tokens when the Mainnet launches.

Most of the growth for the Ontology platform occurred in the last one month. The platform announced several partnerships that could be very instrumental once its blockchain becomes operational. It has also announced a huge partnership with NAGA Group. The two will work towards building blockchain platforms with the aim of integrating them with financial markets as well as other cryptocurrencies.

FunFair (FUN)- Revolutionizing gambling 

FunFair (FUN) is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency in the gaming industry. It seeks to offer users and players the platform to create and play blockchain type games with fairness and trust.

The platform is currently ranked 76th on XBT.net with a market cap of $267 million and a daily trading volume of $42 million. Its token is one of the top gainers this week as it maintains a +11.67% against the USD over the last 24 hours. It also has a cumulative +12.55% over the last 7 days. It currently trades at $0.055 against the USD.

The platform has gained a lot of interest in being one of the few platforms that offer a real-world use case. It, therefore, means that having the FUN token offers users a chance to use it on a daily basis, other than just speculating. The FUN coins are used in the casinos to place bets and to pay rewards. There are also rewards for inviting other players or being an affiliate.

The platform is basically smart contracts between Casinos and players. It helps solve the problems of mistrust and fairness in the gaming industry. There are several games on the platform e.g. Blackjack, Baccarat, Three Card Poker, Carribean Stud, European Roulette, and Pirates. Given how the platform is connected to the gambling circles, FUN has a lot of room for adoption and hence value growth.

Cortex (CTXC)- Revolutionary AI technology

Cortex (CTXC) is one of the newest cryptocurrencies on the market. Cortex is a cryptocurrency that seeks to make decentralized AI applicable to blockchain and specifically in the sphere of smart contracts.

The unique way in which the platform wants to deploy the two makes its technology highly adaptable. The crypto utilizes its Cortex Virtual Machine (similar in concept to the Ethereum Virtual Machine), only that it allows the development of AI dApps.

The CTXC token started trading on April 16, 2018, and it was valued at $0.817 against the US dollar. Over the last 20 or so days, the token’s price has spiked by over 105% to the current $1.79. The token reached its all-time high value of $2.41 on April 30, 2018.

It has, therefore, dropped slightly in the last 24 hours by -1.74% as well as by -18.10% over the last 7 days. Even with this current drop, Cortex still presents a great investment for those who got in early. It has a current market cap of $267 million, and a daily trading volume of $97 million.

CTXC can be traded on Huobi, OKEx, and Coinbene among other exchanges. The intraday trading volumes are good considering the token has hit major trading sites like Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, and Bithumb. Any of them adding CTXC trading pairs will lead to a major price jump.

Ox (ZRX)- Trustless trading of ERC-20 tokens

Ox (ZRX) is a protocol that gives the user access to a decentralized exchange for the trading of ERC-20 tokens. Basically, you are looking at an increasing number of tokens as they launched every other day.

This provides a chance to continuously engage in buying and selling most of these tokens. The ZRX token provides high liquidity by allowing accessibility from whatever exchange it is traded on. What this means is that users benefit from limitless opportunities to get and trade the tokens.

ZRX coins allow for trustless trading, helping users avoid interacting directly with exchanges and thus removes counterparty risks. The number of exchanges that can be built will keep increasing, including Ethfinex, Paradex and many more.

The ZRX token currently trades at $1.58 against the USD. It is one of the top gainers this week with a 24-hour price surge of +3% and a 7-day growth of 29.26%. This has pushed its market cap from $271 million on April 7, 2018, to the current $838 million. It represents a market cap growth percentage of +208% over the last one month.

The ZRX token can be traded on a number of exchanges, including Binance, Huobi, Bittrex, and OKEx.

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