Why Mobius (MOBI) Is The Cryptocurrency To Watch?


Mobius (MOBI), the cryptocurrency looking to connect blockchain to people and their devices. Mobius is one of the most practical cryptocurrencies in the industry today, time and time again Mobius shows up with amazing new blockchain usage. So, is Mobius worth its salt?

The Mobius II Car is Ready to Hit the Road

Meet the Mobius II, another step Mobius has taken towards achieving its goal of connecting people and their devices. Mobius II was built in Africa, for Africa. The Mobius II ships with a robust space-frame, rugged suspension and proven engine to handle rough roads reliably.

The Mobius Car Built In Kenya

Mobius has reimagined the vehicle, designed for the unique demands of the African consumer. The Mobius II comes with a Wi-Fi enabled infotainment device that connects the car to the rest of the world via Mirror-Link technology, maximizing access to phone data and functionality.

Major Update Coming to Mobius in April

Over the course of their existence, the Mobius team have proven to be strong supporters of open source and decentralization. As part of Mobius’ progressive decentralization approach, Mobius will be completely re-architecting the DApp Store. The result of the re-architecting should be an innovative, 100% open source, decentralized, and non-custodial Mobius Store.

The update from Mobius is expected to launch this April, and the entire DApp Store frontend code base will be public at that point. When the update is officially released, users will be able to contribute to it and review, and at the same time receive Mobius code commits at a much higher resolution.

This new and innovative architecture from Mobius will provide a non-custodial and decentralized DApp Store platform for developers, enthusiasts, investors and entrepreneurs to use and easily start accepting crypto-based payments for any app or business.

The Mobius Road Trip

Cyrus Khajvandi, Co-Founder and COO of Mobius Network would be speaking at the Beyond Blocks Summit Tokyo 2018. Beyond Blocks Summit will be hosted at The Westin Tokyo on April 4th and 5th, 2018 from 09:00 – 18:00. Following that, he will be making his way to London for an invite-only Cisco event.

David Gobaud, Co-Founder and CEO of Mobius, will also be speaking in Silicon Valley this month.

Price and Status of Mobius

Mobius token (MOBI) has been quite unpredictable in the market of late. MOBI has been seen to spike sharply and drop in the same way in a matter of hours.

Showing the trade value of MOBI at $0.15 as a result of a jaw-dropping 166% price hike in a matter of hours.

MOBI trading at $0.057 apiece, barely an hour later. The price difference is outrageous, but definitely not uncommon among digital assets.

As at press time, MOBI coin is trading at $0.06 apiece. With a market capitalization of $22.2 million (USD), and a 24 hours trading value of $872,248 MOBI is ranked as the 256th cryptocurrency.

MOBI Gets BitMartExchange Listing

MOBI was one of three cryptocurrencies to get listed on BitMartExchange on its launch in March, the two others being Stellar (XLM) and BitMart (BMX). All transactions on with BitMartExchange with MOBI attract a 0% fee until April, 15.


Mobius (MOBI) is nothing short of an exciting cryptocurrency, with a lot of real-life practical usage. Mobius has shown signs of a cryptocurrency waiting for a trigger to get its big break, and it may not take long before it finally finds it.

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