Why Golem (GNT) And Nucleus Vision (Ncash) Attracting Quite An Attention?


Cryptocurrency is entering an interesting stage where projects are trying to prove that they have a working project and that they deserve investor support. At the moment, the market is flexing its muscles as the red gives way for the green to rally. Two projects attracting quite an attention are Golem (GNT) and Nucleus Vision (nCash).

Golem (GNT)

Golem is a peer-to-peer platform that allows users to access additional CPU power from others on the network. The ethereum-based token recently launched its Brass Beta version that puts into testing the software necessary to run its ambitious “supercomputer” product.

As one of the very first token projects on the EVM, Golem met so many challenges in its development, hitting a snag 14 times.

Responding to criticism of having taken too long to roll out a product, Julian Zawistowski, CEO, and founder of Golem said:

Why Golem (GNT) And Nucleus Vision (Ncash) Attracting Quite An Attention?However, the Brass launch is an important step for the project team to get its ideas into use. It is the first among many steps towards the vision of having a truly global supercomputer.

Earn GNT from your CPU

Golem connects those with excess CPU power (providers) to those who need it to run applications and other uses (requestors). The provider is allocated tasks and subtasks that combine to form a complete computational process. The subtasks are then relayed over the p2p network via ethereum’s network for computation and finally release payments to the provider.

The recent launch is focused on CGI rendering to help requestors distribute their tasks at the Golem marketplace. This intends to help requestors get faster results than when they decide to run projects on their own computers.

Anyone can use the GNT network to create and deploy or monetize their applications. To join Golem, all one needs to do is to download and install their app. You can then earn GNT by providing CPU power to others.

GNT price

Since the launch of Golem Brass, interest in GNT has doubled. The token now trades at $0.52 against USD, surging by +84.63% in the last 24 hours. Over the same period, a total of $113,527,000 was exchanged taking the market cap to over $435 million.

Quite remarkably, the token has gained by a whopping +135.63% over the last seven days, making it one of the best tokens in the market today. The trend is expected to continue even as more people begin to join the network.

Nucleus Vision (nCash)

Nucleus Vision was founded at Harvard University in 2013.  The project aims at connecting retailers to user data using IoT technology. The technology doesn’t have to be accessed via RFID, Bluetooth or such other connectivity.

The use of ION sensors helps the retailer and other brick & mortar shops to capture real user data and unique ID information in real time. The end result is to make the retailer provide the best services to the customer.

The vision

Nucleus Vision and the nCash token have support from some of the biggest firms and companies in the world. These include Vodafone, Reliance Communications, Intel, and Radisys.

But perhaps the best of the lot is Tim Draper, a successful capital investor who believes in the coin and what it can do. He funded its research in 2014.

The project launched its product in 10 stores in 2017, beating projects like IOTA to the IoT use.

Nucleus Vision had its token sale earlier this year and has a clear roadmap of what it wants to achieve by 2022.

Why Golem (GNT) And Nucleus Vision (Ncash) Attracting Quite An Attention?The team behind the project garnered some fame when they canceled a planned ICO and airdropped the entire token supply to their Whitelisted community. The project will be implemented in 3 phases:

  • phase1 – Nucleus Vision Retail that will focus on in-store customer identification
  • phase2 – to be undertaken in 2019 and to focus on the security of homes and assets
  • Phase3- in 2021 and will connect Nucleus vision to smart homes, cities and so on.

Earn from your data

A merchant uses the ION sensor to capture unique data as customers shop within their 200-meter range. The recorded data is then loaded to NEURON, a globally connected system.

The customer gets the opportunity to earn from the collected data if they choose to share it with other parties on the ION network.

This incentive comes in the form of nCash tokens. A customer who’s worried about their privacy can decide not to allow the merchant to use their data. The system doesn’t also record data if a customer is out of the 200-meter range.

nCash price

The nCash token began trading on February 26th and is ranked 78th on coinmarketcap.com. The current price of $0.038 is +15% in the last 24 hours and over 50% over the last 7 days. Its market cap now stands at $154 million.

With the team promising a range of great announcements over the coming weeks, the expectation is that the value of the token will continue to attract interest.

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