Why Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Has Been Grabbing Big Attention Recently


For most assets in the crypto space, Q1 of 2018 just seemed to get worse. However, Q2 has shone a light on the cryptospace, with Bitcoin (BTC) is leading an epic comeback, nearing $10k with every hour that goes by.

Bitcoin is not a digital asset seeing the green. For altcoins, the bullish market seems to be back, and Bitcoin Private (BTCP) is leading the race, with a staggering 90% price pump in the last one week.

Price and Status of Bitcoin Private (BTCP)

Bitcoin Private has experienced a price pump in the last few days and leading the altcoin shine as assets recover lost ground. With over 90% price lift in the last one week, Bitcoin Private stands as one of the biggest gainers leading the comeback in the bullish crypto market space.

Bitcoin Private (BTCP) has risen from $23 to $42 in the span of 7 days.

As at the time of this writing, Bitcoin Private is on a 26.5% gain, hiking the price of the altcoin to a high of $42.66. As a result of rocketing price, Bitcoin Private is now ranked 30 in respect to market cap, with $842 million USD, an overall increase of 60%. In the last 24 hours, BTCP was traded most on Trade Satoshi, Nanex and Octaex.

Although market speculators have hinted that these hikes are about to meet an abrupt end, the market value of Bitcoin says otherwise. There is some interesting news around Bitcoin Private that deserves accolade asides the bullish come back the BTCP is leading.

Electrum Has Been Released!

Days ago, Bitcoin Private announced the release of their electrum wallet. The new Electrum – BTCP, version 1.1.0 comes with support for the Ledger Nano S. The Bitcoin Private team has stated in their community update that works is being done to integrate Segwit support into the Electrum. To get the Electrum – BTCP, and guidelines on how to install, click here.

Merchant Solution is Coming

If you are a Bitcoin Private follower, you would have read references made about the merchant solution. Merchant solution will create a processing service that will allow businesses to accept transactions made with BTCP. The beta version of the Bitcoin private merchant solution is on course to be released this April, late April as stated in the official release.

Bitcoin Private to Get Nano Ledger Addition

Nano Ledger, one of the most famous and secure hardware wallets would be adding Bitcoin Private (BTCP) to the next version of the Nano Wallet Firmware. The information was made available to the public by Nicolas Bacca, a member of the Ledger team. Bitcoin Private users can now store their coins in the very secured Nano Wallet.

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