Why Are These 3 Altcoins Mooning? – NANJCOIN (NANJ), Aeternity (AE), PrimeCoin (XPM)

The market is looking up and investors are keenly watching to see how their portfolios are doing. But how about these 3 coins that are upstaging everyone else today!


The market is looking up and investors are keenly watching to see how their portfolios are doing. But how about these 3 coins that are upstaging everyone else today!


NANJCOIN is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that launched at the beginning of April 2018. The coin that has its base in Japan wants to transform sports by making it easy to make payments related to sports. It also aims at providing a platform that can allow fans to directly donate to their favorite sports and athletes.

The non-mineable coin can be bought at CoinExchnge.io and is paired with BTC. The thing that makes this crypto even more attractive is the largely untapped field of sports that it is venturing into. The NANJ token will be used by anybody who wishes to support a given team or sort person all over the world. It opens up funding opportunities for the less equipped and poorly funded areas of sports globally.

Furthermore, the token is likely to give donors some voting rights. This is critical as it makes the donor a stakeholder with a right to vote on matters related to how the team is managed.


NANJ is ranked 212 on coinmarketcap.com and is today trading at $0.003 against the US dollar. The coin has a maximum supply of 30 billion coins and currently has a circulating supply of 19, 361,887,557. It started trading in March when it was priced at $0.0005 per token. Over this period, the coin has grown at over 700%. In the last seven days, the token has gained 113% against the US dollar.

Aeternity coin (AE)

Aeternity is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that utilizes the hybrid consensus mechanism to secure the network. The AE token was launched in 2017. It is led by the experienced Yanislav Malahov as the founder and consists of other 47 members who represent a large field of experts.

Apart from the hybrid consensus algorithm, the coin also employs state channels that mean smart contracts are undertaken off-chain helping improve the network’s scaling and performance.

To aid in smart contract delivery, the network also makes use of a third feature called oracles. Users will also be attracted to this coin for its unique governance system that hands the initiative to the miners, stakers, and other stakeholders.

Why should you look at this coin?

The one thing that makes this coin worth looking at, is its numerous use cases. The team wants to have the platform to develop dApps, used for crowdfunding projects, decentralized fintech, trustless exchanges, food industries, micro, and nano payments. The coin has the capacity to compete with the likes of Ethereum in the field of dApps and smart contracts. The other thing is the upcoming Mainnet launch in June. Its value in the short-term is likely to grow exponentially.

AE price

The AE token currently trades at $3.65 against the US dollar. Over the last 7 days, AE has gained a huge 83% making it one of the fastest gaining tokens in the market. With a circulating supply of 233 million AE tokens, Aeternity has a market cap of $851 million to see it ranked at 33rd position. The upcoming mainnet will see interest in AE double, raising demand and thus value.

PrimeCoin (XPM)

Primecoin is a cryptocurrency that seeks to innovatively transform the crypto space as a digital form of currency. It’s designed using the same cryptographic technology as bitcoin. However, it has integrated a new and unique form of the network’s proof of work consensus algorithm.

The main basis of Primecoin’s concept is prime numbers. The importance of generating prime numbers makes the mining of XPM one of the most important aspects of the coin. The mathematical research relies on these prime number chains and thus XPM becomes a critical component in searching for them on the blockchain.

To those seeking a coin that is mineable and cheap to start then XPM offers such a chance. It currently supports CPU mining only and thus is a relief to those who cannot mine coins like BTC and ETH. To check for prime numbers go to ‘get block’ and then locate the output function. After that, find a ‘prime origin’ field. From here, you can start generating prime numbers.

XPM price

XPM is ranked 240th on the market with a market cap of $41 million. It currently trades at $2.00 against the US dollar. In the last 24 hours, the coin has traded $4.8 million worth of XPM to surge to a market high +118.4%.

Over the last 7 days, the coin has jumped a huge +147% to quickly move up the rankings. If the trend continues, the coin is likely to be a top 100 crypto within a week. The ease of mining and the associated profits are going to maintain interest in XPM and thus could be very lucrative in the short-term.

Always remember the crypto market is volatile and prices may swing massively within a short time.

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