Who Is Teeka Tiwari And What Is Palm Beach Confidential?


The buzzword right now is cryptocurrency and the next FAQ is about which of the digital assets offer the best possible chance of massive returns.

The word on the street is that we are about to witness the next crypto boom, and that’s why Teeka Tiwari and Palm Beach Confidential are trending.

And thus we ask: Who is Teeka Tiwari and what’s Palm Beach Confidential? Let’s just say, the two appear to make cryptocurrency investing a hot topic.

Palm Beach Research Group

There are countless analysts, experts and online groups offering advice in one way or the other about how to earn groundbreaking returns from any investment.

However, one group has established itself as a trailblazer over the years.

It is the Palm Beach Research Group (PBRG), a US-based publishing company that offers financial advisory related to income-based investments, asset protection, and smart speculation.

The PBRG offers a number of publications that are tailored to offer subscribers a range of strategies that lead to fortunes in the investment market.

The group’s suite of publications includes the Palm Beach Daily, an e-letter that offers readers access to researched details about profitable investments.

There’s also the Palm Beach Letter, a monthly letter by Teeka Tiwari that looks at “safe, income-producing ideas”.

Palm Beach Income, on the other hand, provides trading services that allow clients to generate income without the need for investments in traditional stock.

PBRG utilizes the option-selling strategy to make users reap huge profits. The fourth one, no doubt the premier publication is the Palm Beach Confidential.

What’s Palm Beach Confidential?

Palm Beach Confidential (PBC) launched in 2016 as a subscription-based online publication.

Its founder is Teeka Tiwari and ostensibly uses it to offer advisory services about profitable investments to its clients.


It has limited membership and often closes to new ones. At the moment, a subscription fee has been hiked from the previous $2,500 per year to $5,000.

Who is it for?

The PBC targets individuals who wish to invest in smaller companies and crypto assets that are likely to generate higher returns. 

It has a limited membership and is aimed at anyone with the desire to see their investments grow over a 12-month period.

If you are an investor- seasoned or newbie- PBC takes you through the steps, providing every little detail about what you need to know.

It allows its subscribers to invest as little as $100 for potential returns that are 10 times higher according to the company.

The team of analysts leverages a strategy called Asymmetric Investing.

Here, they need to ascertain that investment commands a lot of upside momentum (little downside) before they recommend it to the subscriber.

What are the main investment components?

At Palm Beach Confidential, the main investment advisory is on cryptocurrencies.

The main reason is that the main editor- Tiwari- is a self-proclaimed crypto expert.

Who Is Teeka Tiwari And What Is Palm Beach Confidential?The monthly newsletter has one of the top cryptocurrency portfolios according to its website. Some of the recommended assets have been shown to average yearly gains of up to 5,000%, but this is by no means indicative of future returns.

Who is Teeka Tiwari?

Teeka Tiwari is a respected cryptocurrency expert and analyst. He works as the editor of The Palm Beach Letter, a popular online publication by the Palm Beach Research Group.

But his most influence comes from his association with the Palm Beach Confidential.

Tiwari grew up in the United Kingdom, moving to the US at the age of sixteen. A couple of years later, he became the youngest person to work for Lehman Brothers.

Yet that seems to have just been the beginning. The former hedge fund manager created history when he rose through the ranks to become the VP of Shearson Lehman Brothers.

He was the youngest person to hold such a position in the company’s history.

Tiwari has made and lost a fortune in the investment market before. The Asian Crisis of 1998 provided him a fortune, which he lost three weeks later from what he calls “greed” for more.

Determined then as he is today, the once-bankrupt investor immersed himself into the markets once more, going on to become a successful hedge fund manager.

His experiences are what has driven him to seek ways of helping investors profit from safe investments.

Teeka’s vast experience and knowledge on crypto investing have seen him write for FOX Business Network.

He has also been a regular guest on FOX News Channel, as well as on CNBC, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, ABC’s Nightline, among other numerous global TV networks.

What do you get by Signing up with PBC?

Once you sign up and pay the subscription fee, you get access to one full year of Palm Beach Confidential newsletter.

It gives you Teeka’s recommendations and the latest ideas. The issue comes once every month.

There are also bi-weekly updates. Here, Teeka keeps the clients informed on the progress of each asset in the portfolio.

You also get regular updates on market trends and analysis. The latest offer also has a section that educates the user on “How to Make a Fortune from the Second Crypto Boom.”

More importantly, they promise unlimited access to the cryptocurrency corner. This section provides numerous training videos special write-ups designed to make it easy for newcomers.

Teeka’s 1000% Guarantee?

Maybe a bonus you can’t bet against. It happens that if for whatever reason the recommended asset doesn’t hit the 1,000% return in 12 months, access is given for a further 12 months for free.

Bear in mind that holding up their part of the bargain is easy so this guarantee means virtually nothing. Your money is not guaranteed nor is your return.

The only guarantee is the free subscription if you don’t hit the 1000% return targets.

Why Palm Beach Confidential?

The top reason anyone should consider paying $5,000 for the service has to do with the experiences of its founders and the time invested in research.

Most of us don’t have time to swift through thousands of new coins and tokens to pick winners, but apparently, they do!

It has the backing of some of the top minds in the investing industry, Teeka Tiwari at the helm. It also has a proven track record, with everyday users benefiting from its services.

However, like every other investment opportunity, joining PBC doesn’t provide full proof hedge against loss. The risk is still there and you can lose all your investments.

Disclaimer: We are not associated with Palm Beach Research Group and do not endorse any of their products and services. This article is for informational purposes only. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

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