Where To Turn As Verge (XVG) Loses Its Shine For Investors?


Verge (XVG) is among the many virtual currencies that remained below the green mark after the low crypto selloff. In fact, it was one of the “small” coins that had the worst decline. However, it is struggling to get back on track and is currently trading at $0.050342.

Verge coin is still trading below the $0.20 mark, although among the “small” coins it is still worthy of investors’ attention. The cryptocurrency struggled and reached a trading value of $0.0015 in the last 24 hours.

Verge and privacy

All the digital coins available in the market have their way of luring investors. Verge achieves this by ensuring that at all costs their users have all the privacy they require.

The statement faces criticism as others suggest that Bitcoin is the first digital coin to be popular for its confidentiality. However, it has nothing compared to XVG technological capabilities.

In achieving maximum privacy, the currency uses the TOR router. The technology works by ensuring that a user’s personal details are double encrypted, private, and safe.

Striving to arrive at $0.2

The coin continues to put more effort after the massive hit at the beginning of the year. However, their struggles were not in vain as the currency recorded a forty percent appreciation.

Yes, it is true the appreciation in price was nothing compared to its previous estimates in December last year. The coin’s goal is going above the $0.20, however from the 40% increase in its trading value; it may take the coin around eight months.

During the Q1 of 2018, Verge had scheduled to make most announcements that would attract investors and give it a chance of going above $0.2. At the time, most releases and reports have been made, but the coin is still unshaken.

Support from TokenPay

Verge burst into the scene as privacy oriented virtual currency. Most investors did not accept the coin at the start; however, a focused team worked silently to make the coin a more acceptable payment currency.

TokenPay announced that they would support XVG on its merchant tools platform. The deal enables the coin to offer a suitable platform for enterprises and consumers who demand maximum privacy.

The future of Verge

It is likely Verge (XVG) will go up consequently with its new features like TOR android wallet. The announcements that they will soon release also will contribute to the coin’s growth. It also plans to employ atomic swaps that will support swapping between XVG and other digital coins.

Verge (XVG) made its first appearance at a conference that featured individuals from the fashion sector. The move increased awareness of XVG coin especially in the case of applying blockchain technology in the fashion industry.

The conference was a heated one; however, it stamped its global outreach campaign in the virtual currency sector. It is a retrogressive way to predict the future of Verge by looking at it from one angle, which is the price. Instead, shrewd investors suggest that its technological advances tell us that the digital coin will have a potential long-term future.

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