What’s Lifting Bytom (BTM)?


Bytom (BTM) is one of the many coins on the market flourishing as a bullish trend takes shape.

Currently ranked 26th, BTM may crack the top 20 on the ranking charts before the end of the week. The uptrend for the token has seen it surge by 1.67% on the hour-to-hour charts and an impressive +20.09% in the 24h period.

Over the 7-day period, the token has surged over 30.60% against the US dollar. At the moment, it looks like BTM value could go on a mini-rally and hitting the $1.50 price level is possible.

The Bytom Mainnet Launch

One of the milestones serious projects are judged by is its network status. Bytom is hours away from launching its Mainnet.

It’s been a great April so far for the Bytom community, even as the news continues to indicate more is yet to come. What excites investors about this coin is its cracking at an all-time high price level above $1.00.

This excitement has been building as the event approaches, helping the price to surge massively throughout the last couple of days.

Also happening tomorrow for Bytom (BTM) is its AMA. This will be a few hours before the launch. The coin’s tweet had the following message to its community:

“We are holding a Reddit AMA on April 24th, 2018 9:30 am (GMT +8).This AMA will last for 3hrs. We will put together a great team of Founder, CTO, engineers, and marketing staff for this event! Any questions #development #general related feel free to ask!”

This presents a great opportunity for the community to engage the founder and other team leaders. By the time the Mainnet launches, Bytom (BTM) could be hitting new records.

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