What Is Pundi X (NPXS)?


The growth rate of the crypto market increases the difficulty in keeping track of the number of assets.

In January, the number of cryptocurrencies was under 1500, however, as at the time of this writing, there are about 2057 confirmed cryptocurrencies, with many more readying to launch in the coming weeks.

What Is Pundi X (NPXS)?Pundi X is one of the newer and relatively unpopular cryptocurrencies in the market, it launched its ICO in September 2017 (the token sale finally ended on January 21, 2018) with the aim of simplifying the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for its users.

Pundi X like most other cryptocurrencies has its roots in Asia. Pundi X is an Ethereum based blockchain and as such offers smart contracts.

Pundi X is designed to be connected to the Ethereum blockchain with Xplugins with two layers.

One layer will be a communication which will deliver a request buy, while the second layer will save transactions.

The Pundi X has some nice features such as:

  • Lower cost per transactions.
  • A smaller and more compact size.
  • Portable hence good for traveling traders.
  • System will be open to developers.

What is the Pundi X Goal?

The goal of Pundi X is to empower blockchain developers and token holders to sell cryptocurrency and blockchain related services in physical stores anywhere in the world.

Pundi X plans to achieve this by creating and distributing numerous point of sale smart devices to retailers around the world.

These small POS devices are connected to the two-layered blockchain for performing transactions.

These Point of Sale (POS) devices are to aid retailers to accept payments made with Pundi X tokens (NPXS).

These POS devices will let users purchase tokens directly or make use of their wallets to buy items. The Pundi X project plans distribute over 50 thousand devices every year.

New Tokens for Pundi X

When Pundi X launched in January, it traded under the token title NPX, however, it has updated its tokens to NPXS.

The process of swapping the NPX to NPXS tokens is still ongoing and is expected to be concluded by September 2018.

The token swap for Pundi X is being carried out using the ratio 1:1000 PXS to NPXS.

What Is Pundi X (NPXS)?Market Status of Pundi X (NPXS)

The decline continues for the crypto market, with over 80% of cryptocurrencies opening for trade in the red today.

The relative unpopularity of Pundi X has influenced its slow growth, however, the asset has grown rather steadily and Pundi X packs enough support to overcome the bears and trade in the green today.

As at the time of this writing, Pundi X is up by 0.65% giving the NPXS a trading value of $0.005302.

The daily trade – exchange volume of NPXS is remarkably high at $14.9 million USD. As a result of the on-going token swap (from PXS to NPXS) the market capitalization and the supply of NPXS in circulation is currently unknown.

However, Pundi X is ranked as the 1,347th largest crypto according to coinmarketcap.

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