What Is Propy (PRO) And Why Is It Going To The Moon In 2018?


Propy (PRO) more than doubled as the coin got listed in another major exchange. The new cryptocurrency exchange platform is Bittrex Exchange.

The PRO coin would be available on the exchange platform, and trading will begin shortly. Propy officially released the news on their Twitter handle; the tweet stated,

“We are happy to announce that we have been listed by another major exchange – @BittrexExhange! Thank you for the recognition and an even bigger thank you to all our loyal community members who keep faith in #propy.”

However, the listing had some few technical issues and was resolved by Bittrex Exchange. The technical problem was around the PRO deposits. The cryptocurrency exchange platform posted a tweet after resolving the issue. The tweet stated,

“Quick update: The $PRO market is now open, and trading will begin shortly on the @BittrexExchange…”

The announcement lifted Propy coin price to over $2.5. PRO coin grew by 106% in its trading value in the past 24 hours. The listing on Bittrex is very valuable for users based in America, especially for the real estate agents.

Propy and real estate agents in China

The position of Propy (PRO) in the crypto market is helping real estate agents. Propy is achieving this by assisting investors in China who want to buy properties overseas as well as diversify vital parts of their crypto-investments.

Propy is using China as a platform for implementing their objective since most of the property search comes from China. Despite the currency having a capital control on their revenue, the inquiries for overseas properties is still significant.

The inquiries are expected to rise further as the currency started appearing on some of the media platforms in China such as WeChat and Sina.

You may wonder how does a digital coin helps real estate agents especially from China. Well, they do this by developing smart contracts which comply with US laws. The intelligent contracts then allow local and foreign cash buyers to buy and pay online for their properties.

Despite the recent rough patch that Propy (PRO) was in, the future seems bright for the coin. The first recipe is its application to the real estate sector.

Propy has a digital, decentralized land registry that facilitates transferring of title deeds from the sellers to the buyers. The coin also allows real estate buyers and sellers to add a proof of record of property ownership that would last forever.

Propy investment in China will also sky-rocket the coin to new levels. It is because China ranks at number 18 in the world in ownership of the foreign real estate. Therefore, with Propy merging real estate investors with crypto, more Chinese events will target their platform.

It translates to a significant growth in the digital currency. Their listing on Bittrex Exchange is also a good sign for them.

In the crypto market, once a digital currency appears on the listing of a major cryptocurrency exchange, it is more likely to have a rise in its value. Therefore, expect Propy (PRO) to sail in the same boat with other top digital coins.

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