What is Happening To Electroneum Coin (ETN)?

Since its inception, the British based blockchain project, Electroneum (ETN) has displayed peculiarity and seamlessness that rivals any crypto project.


Since its inception, the British based blockchain project, Electroneum (ETN) has displayed peculiarity and seamlessness that rivals any crypto project.

Electroneum is one of the most user-friendly blockchain projects yet, and its concentration on simplicity and mobile users is one of the reasons project has excelled in the crypto market.

Electroneum simplifies the rigorous process of cryptocurrency mining by making the process available to just about anyone with a mobile phone and a wireless connection, which makes it appeal to a larger market willing to venture into digital asset mining.

With its beginner styled interface, Electroneum requires little or no technical ability to operate and use.

Electroneum completed its ICO in October 2017, since then, it has been a tale of success, although riddled with bumps along the way, most recent of all was the famous prolonged MainNet freeze the project encountered soon after its migration.

Due to its appealing nature, the Electroneum project is a fast-growing blockchain project.

Electroneum Launches Instant Payment

Just like every other blockchain project, it looks to change the world with its platform, and Electroneum sees the Instant payment as the first step in changing the world. Electroneum launched the Instant Payment Beta just as we entered the second half of the year.

The application launched by Electroneum is the Instant Payment API for vendors. The API is looking to gain massive adoption, as Electroneum seeks to enable and unlock a 3 trillion-dollar market.

The API for Instant payment is for online stores, physical shop, a payment gateway or companies.

The system will allow vendors, online stores, and physical stores accept online instant payments via Electroneum.

The Instant payment is still in its Beta stage and is currently undergoing testing which will be carried out on the blockchain of Electroneum.

With the announcement, Electroneum announced that testers are needed for the Instant Payment Beta, and all applicants will be welcomed into the Instant Payment System for vendors when the Beta testing is completed and becomes fully.

New Exchange Listing

Electroneum has announced a new partnership with an interesting platform, Coinbene. Coinbene, an exchange company which has its base in Singapore last week recorded a daily trade – exchange value of over $2 Billion USD to topple Binance.

Coinbene will also list Electroneum on the platform before the end of the month. Coinbene is a new interesting exchange platform, running on the Revenue Distribution Model.

Using this model, Coinbene issues its own tokens to pay customers in return for the transactions fees they pay on the platform, it does this in form of cryptocurrency.

Price and Market Status of Electroneum (ETN)

Despite the bearish trend resuming today with more than 74% of the crypto market plunge into decline today, cryptos including Electroneum have upturned the bearish trend.

Electroneum is one of the cryptocurrencies with the highest growth over the last 24 hours.
As at the time of this writing, Electroneum (ENT) has a trading value of $0.0148.

Electroneum is currently the 93rd largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $108,307,243.

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