What is Crypto Moms? Female-Focused Crypto Education


Since its inception, statistics have shown that the fast-growing crypto world is overwhelmingly dominated by the men.

According to a 2017 study conducted by the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADGA), the crypto-population of the country is approximately 315,000 or only 1% of the population.

This comes from a study conducted on the users registered across all seven digital exchange platforms operating in the country. The survey also reported that 83 percent of the crypto population of the country were male, with over 71 percent of all traders between the age of 18 to 29.

To solve the problem of male dominance in the fast-growing industry, an initiative to integrate women into cryptocurrencies was birthed in 2014: Crypto Moms.

The Mission of Crypto moms

Crypto Moms was launched in April 2014 with a mission to increase the presence and participation of women in cryptocurrency.

The industry, like the traditional finance world, is dominated by men and Bitcoin’s growth as the first cryptocurrency was the catalyst and inspiration behind the platform.

Ever since, the ongoing mission has been successful, within a year of its launched, Crypto moms had registered over 6,000 members.

Four years down the line and CryptoMoms has grown into being a center to teach American women about Bitcoin and the technicalities behind cryptocurrencies.

In fact, CryptoMoms was so successful it is now attracting everyone, not just for the average busy mom.

Crypto Moms have since gone past the basics of Bitcoin and the basics of blockchain technology to the most technical parts of the technology.

Co-founder Alan Young is on a mission with no one in her way to stop her and we love it.

Achievements of CryptoMoms.com

CryptoMoms set out to breach the dominance gap between male and females in cryptocurrency participation.

The center for women has gone from assisting and empowering women to participate in the current wave of cryptocurrency to including the whole family in its vision, to promote a more common ground for everyone.

Although women participation in cryptocurrency is its primary goal, Crypto Moms has sponsored several plans to encourage women in business to take advantage of the security, speed, and low transaction costs offered by cryptocurrencies.

Residents of the United States would likely recall, Rand Paul, a presidential aspirant in its last elections.

Rand was known for his public talks about bitcoin, and the possibilities of using it as a way of funding in the country, by doing this, he received support from Alan Young of Crypto Moms who is actively looking to enlighten more people about the technology.

Is Crypto Moms Only for Moms?

Although the initial vision of Crypto Moms was centered around women participation, the brand has grown beyond that to accommodate both male and females who are interested in learning.

The brand still bears ‘moms’ but the center and platform is currently neutral, and supports participation from both sexes.

Crypto Moms Led the Way

Crypto Moms is notably the first platform launched with the mission of integrating women into cryptocurrency with empowerment and enlightenment.

Ever since its launch in 2014, many of such platforms have surfaced as they all try to bridge the dominance gap and diversify the crypto space, such platforms include:

  • Moms Avenue, the platform to reward female participation; and
  • Geneca.

Early in 2018, Coin.Dance estimated that 91 percent of the bitcoin community is male.

There is still a considerably large task ahead of the women-centered platforms looking to bridge the gap the currently exists between the male and female in bitcoin and cryptocurrency participation in general.

Seeing that these movements are starting early on in the rise of the crypto world, we hope to see a well-balanced future.

What Can You Learn from Crypto Moms?

The Crypto Moms official website features blog posts, articles, and beginner courses including:

  • how cryptocurrencies work
  • introduction wallets
  • how they function
  • how to protect your digital coins
  • and various other subjects

The blog also teaches more complex topics which include:

  • algorithm types
  • information on mining and how to mine
  • and other technical areas of cryptocurrencies.

So basically, CryptoMoms.com provide basic knowledge about digital assets to crypto beginners and more advanced subjects and areas of cryptocurrencies to technically individuals operating cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology.

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