Walton (WTC): The Super RFID Revolution in Blockchain


Walton (WTC) Chain is the combination of blockchain with the Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, a revolution that has come to study.

Scientist Charlie Walton invented the RFID technology in the 20th century. The project has been named after Walton.

This innovation can be applied in everything from identification to mobile payments to building highways to retail. RFID plays a major role in many applications.

The combination of the Internet of Things (IoT) with blockchain in creating a management system that is ideal for supply chains is what stands it out.

How Walton Chain Works

Walton Chain makes use of Walton identification, which simply means Wisdom Alters Label, Trade, Organization, and Network to track a product in each step of its manufacturing and distribution.

The item’s information or data is stored safely on an immutable blockchain. No matter the process involved, accuracy is ensured by the technology.

The Concept of Value Internet of Things (VIoT)

Walton (WTC) started the concept of the Value Internet of Things because it wanted to make clear the description of the proprietary RFID chips that are combined with the blockchain technology. Blockchains store things on chain making use of the RFID tags.

The RFID tags make use of the electromagnetic fields in items identification. Today, this technology is used in product kiosks such as Redbox, library systems and inventory tracking.

With the support of Walton Chain, you can get all the data or information you may want to know with a scan of the RFID tag. The innovation is awesome because you can know what a product is and who handled it alongside vital data that has been stored on the blockchain through the tags.

Walton Chain strongly believes that the new digital era will be birthed by its technology.

Why Investors Are Buying Walton (WTC) Coin?

The Technology Team

Xu Fangcheng is the founder of Walton chain. He is also the person who started a $7.3 billion worth men’s apparel company, Fujian Septwolves Industry.

A former Vice President at Samsung, Chief Scientist Jie Xiji and a blockchain engineer with stints at Google and Qualcomm, Wei Jiesong are also members. The team comprises of 40 talented people.

Fujian Septwolves

Funjian Septwolves is getting join as one of the original clients of Walton chain.  The company intends to completely remove retail counterfeiting. The success of this innovation will change the world’s retailing industry.

The Jinjiang competition

The Jinjiang competition is held in the Fujian Province and hosted by Jinjiang City. The prize for this competition is $1.1 million and a contract for their product with Jinjiang City.

Haier & BESETO

Walton Chain is talking with Haier, a consumer electronics company worth $29 billion. The business with Haier can be revolutionary. According to Binance, there is another talk with BESETO, a clothing company worth $9 billion.

Walton (WTC) Market Cap

The market cap of Walton cryptocurrency is currently valued at $50 million.

When you look at the technology and its general acceptance with big companies around the world, you will understand why investors are ready to put their money on Walton (WTC).

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