Voxels (VOX) Breaks All That Was Thought Impossible


Voxels (VOX) is not one famous cryptocurrency. When placed among big names like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, Voxel is relatively unknown.

The small market capitalization and relative public unawareness of the coin do not automatically make the coin a pushover, in the actual sense, the coin has a lot to offer.

What is Voxels (VOX)?

Voxel is a cryptocurrency created solely for the Virtual reality niche. Voxels were designed as the only official in-game currency for Voxelus. It is a platform where people play, create and share virtual reality games without needing to write a single line of code.

Voxels (VOX) Since its Launch

Voxels have grown to be the largest source of virtual reality content. The firm claims to have over 100 fully working games, with over 1,000 original assets and thousands of additional contents acquired through partnership. The firm last month announced a rebranding of the Voxels (VOX) and the Voxels which is intended to be 10 times more creative and ambitious.

Contents of Volexus are compatible with Samsung VR, Google Daydream and Oculus Rift, with support for other VR environment. Titles of games developed through the platform are exclusively purchased through the Volexus app store and payments are made using the coin; Voxels (VOX).

Performance of Voxels (VOX) as a cryptocurrency

Since its launch in 2014, Voxels has been on the quiet side until the fall of 2017 when its price shot up. Voxels started January trading at highs of up to $0.7 until the setback that stormed almost all cryptocurrencies.

The trading value of Voxels fell to as low as $0.2, the coin has been regaining lost value slowly.

The VOX is currently trading at $0.39 apiece which is remarkable for a coin of its nature. Voxels now have a market capitalization of about $82.2 million, considering it has gained over 16,000% market capitalization under 18 months the coin is not doing badly.

Predictions for Voxels (VOX)

Voxels are relatively unheard of at the moment largely because the market it is directed at is still in its juvenile stage. As cryptocurrencies gained acceptance and publicity, Bitcoin the progenitor went skyrocketing, breaking all that was thought impossible for a crypto coin.

As Virtual Reality gains acceptance, Voxels will undoubtedly be a great beneficiary. Time is all that is needed for Voxels (VOX).

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