Verge (XVG): What Makes It The Undisputed Coin Of The Year?

Is 2018 the year of Verge (XVG)? It appears so, what with April being the month that is set to completely change this cryptocurrency.


Is 2018 the year of Verge (XVG)? It appears so, what with April being the month that is set to completely change this cryptocurrency.

At the moment, there is no better coin to be hodling. Or if you ain’t on it yet, this is the best time to buy low and hold for possible massive returns. And for most of the early birds, here is a coin that could be headed for the moon. Offload some of the BTC and dip it into XVG.

Here is why

At the end of their first crowdfunding initiative, @vergecurrency registered their appreciation to the community for their part in getting 75 million XVG. They promised that lead developer and creator, Justin Sunerok would release a statement and that good news was on the way.

Verge (XVG): What Makes It The Undisputed Coin Of The Year?And it happens that Verge is intent on delivering this one.

The CEO and creator of Verge (XVG) revealed that April 17, 2018, will go down as the biggest day for the coin and whole of cryptocurrency. And naturally, the question on many people’s minds revolves around what that means for the future of XVG. Going by the kind of buzz this has created, it appears that nothing short of a spectacular price run is expected.

Already, crypto verse is beginning to look forward to reaping big from the great announcement. Verge at the moment is one of the coins doing well at a time sentiment is looking to change after a week of bloodbath.

And even though it’s among the coins with the biggest drop percentage, recent price gains indicate the future is bright. In fact, the feeling among Verge investors is that the coin has really been an undervalued project, often affected by negativity.

However, things appear to have completely changed in the last few days. Often referring to itself as a cryptocurrency “built with a focus on privacy”, Verge will soon be elbowing others in the same category out of the way.

The successful completion of the crowdfunding has opened the door for the mysterious partner to be unveiled. From there, it’s really a case of ‘when’ and not ‘if’ the value of XVG skyrockets.

While giving an exclusive interview on “The Larry and Joe Show”, Sunerok gave a big hint on what we should expect in a fortnight.

Verge (XVG): What Makes It The Undisputed Coin Of The Year?Referencing the successful crowdfunding that netted 75 million XVG, the seemingly excited Sunerok promised that the partnership was unlike anything witnessed in crypto. But first, there would also be something big going down on April 16, 2018.

During the show, Justin revealed a number of things that are of interest to crypto investors. Even though he appeared constrained by an apparent NDA, he goes ahead to state that the expected announcement will be big enough to attract the world’s media attention.

He also suggested that the deal will forever change the way the world views cryptocurrency as a whole. But more importantly, it’s how the partnership will impact the Verge supporters and investors.

This is what he said about the expectations and how the future outlook of XVG is likely to pan out.

“Everybody that’s been in Verge waiting for this is going to be really happy. There’s no way to be unhappy about the coin that you love entering a gigantic market exclusive adoption…I know it’s going to be exclusive for a long time.”

The biggest claim that makes the deal even more mouth-watering is the assertion that out of it, XVG will become a top 3 cryptocurrency. The coin will be exclusively adopted (by the mysterious partner) and that that would be the case for a long time. What does becoming a top 3 crypto portend for the value of its native currency?

What this simply means is that the value of Verge coin will have to grow to hit over the $1 mark. While this isn’t impossible, the best case scenario is it to hold onto what you have till after the May/June dump.

By October, the value of this crypto-coin could surpass the $1 mark. At the moment, XVG/USD trades at $0.046, up over 18% on both BTC and the U.S dollar. If the coin embarks on a bullish run, which it is capable of mounting, you could be looking at a new all-time high in the next 1 year.

Forget the current top 3 coins; you should be having a really serious look at Verge (XVG). It could be the biggest coin of 2018.

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