Verge (XVG) Up 100% In April, Whats Going On?


What do you call a price surge that consistently jumps double digits in consecutive weeks? Insane, isn’t it? Well, that’s what Verge (XVG) has been up to for the better part of last week, and as of now, hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down yet.

At the current price of $0.089, XVG is on cruise speed gaining almost 100% in value over the last 7-day period. On April 1, 2018, XVG traded at $0.043 against the USD. Its market cap also grew from just over $500 million to the $1.32 billion mark on April 10, 2018.

On the evidence of the current growth, and the expected spurt in the next few days, many market watchers believe the coin has the momentum to go a run.

Could Verge (XVG) hit the $1 mark soon? Experts believe so and here are the reasons. The partnership to change all of the cryptoverse is still on.

The most anticipated announcement of the crypto world is just a week away. It’s all about a major partnership between Verge and a yet to be revealed company.

Speculation is flying around on who that could be, but the truth should be out in about a week from now. All we know is that it’s supposed to be big enough to change the fortunes of XVG holders.

Meanwhile, the privacy-focused coin enhanced its reputation for being a hands-on team by fixing the vulnerability that had been exposed by the recent attack that forced a hard fork. By taking just 72 hours to deal with the fix, Sunerok and team demonstrated that they are focused on having the best for its users.

The attack could have derailed any other coin’s plans, but not for Verge. Fear that the yet to be announced deal would be scuttled have been allayed by a communiqué from the team. Here is what it says:

This partnership has been hyped as huge for Verge and for all of the cryptocurrency. If it goes on to happen as expected, then there is no stopping XVG and the $1.00 price could be a matter of “when” and not “if”.

The TPay-XVG Debit Card release

The skeptics would point to the debacle that befell the release of the Wraith Protocol and so on. Yet, on evidence of the seriousness of TokenPay, the company that made the recent crowdfund a huge success, the debit card is as good as a done deal.

The company topped up the crowdfunding initiative and on Sunday tweeted that the deal to have a Tpay and XVG backed debit cards was in the pipeline and would be out soon.

Verge (XVG) Up 100% In April, Whats Going On?The great visibility and penetration that such initiatives give make for a bright future for XVG.

Another reason relates to the coin’s opt-out privacy option on its network. This feature gives Verge an edge over bitcoin as a payment currency for its added privacy. Some people have referred to XVG as “Bitcoin on steroids”, meaning it does what bitcoin could do, but in a better way.

The resilience of the Verge community

Verge continues to work towards gaining critical mass for wider adoption. And at the center of this push is a resilient community that is solidly behind the team.

Over the years, the cryptocurrency has weathered some tough times, with the community emerging stronger and even more focused on the future. It is this belief that helps the team to train their focus on market performance, technology and security improvements, and community-driven growth.

If there’s anything that gives XVG a sense of satisfaction, then it’s the undeterred belief possessed by its community. It’s little wonder that the team does everything to have its community updated on every undertaking.

In a medium post, the Verge team says this about its future and its community:

For a coin that seeks to make privacy the users’ choice, the team is doing pretty well to keep the support bases in tandem with events. If the bullish run is sustained, then the possibility of reaching $1.00 won’t be just a dream.

Behind this push will be the strong community. To help matters further for XVG, it is a mineable coin. That means there are no stashes of coins somewhere to be dumped on the market by super-whales.

Even if the current price surge corrects after the 17th of April, the currency has avoided a death cross and should be able to ride the normal volatility in the market. Verge (XVG) certainly one of the hottest coins now and could go on to reach new all-time highs in 2018. The best strategy would be to hodl.

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