Verge (XVG): There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel


In 2017, there was this mad rush to invest in small altcoins like Tron (TRX) and Verge (XVG) because of the high spike witnessed all round. However, in 2018, the news of regulating altcoins squashed it down beyond what many investors could have imagined. There was a sudden crash that almost wiped off 75% cryptocurrencies like Verge.

Earlier in January, the value of Tron was $0.20 while Verge was at $0.30, but the two are currently worth around $0.05 across the exchanges. Many retail investors in Asia believed that the small coins like Verge might one day hit the $1000 jackpot on the trading platforms.  The dream of these investors has not been cut short even though the regulatory expression in Korea and China has significantly done much damage.

The reversal of cryptocurrency Verge is due to emotion that played a major key factor. When the change in the bitcoin market psychology is understood, it will be simple to observe the bearish emotion or sentiment for the altcoins.

The fact that this January has not been a great one for crypto investors, who invested on Verge (XVG), does not mean that the market may not improve. Over the past couple of days, XVG have lost value that has dropped at $0.083494.  To make the situation clearer, the market capitalization of Verge is down by 26.89%, which means that it has come down to $1.2 billion.  The question most people are asking remains: Should investors sell their tokens?

Verge has its issues that may have been responsible for this ups and downs associated with the trading of Verge (XVG) this week. The first thing that everyone knew was the altcoin’s wallet issue. However, the major has been the delayed release of Wraith Protocol, which was highly expected to drop on New Year’s Eve but did not make it.

This has been one of the reasons why people investing on Verge (XVG) are suspicious about software issues, or bug that may appear in future and affect the market. On the positive side, Verge investors are comfortable with what is happening

The Verge (XVG) community as we have mentioned are not in a panic mood to sell. They are patiently waiting for everything to be perfect before they can think of the next step to take on their tokens. However, it is not possible to bet on what the future holds for altcoins.

The future of Verge (XVG) has been advertised at the onset as the next thing to happen in the trading platform by John McAfee. McAfee brought sunlight to Verge and when he left, the altcoin started nose diving.

There are still experts who strongly believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel for Verge. This is one of the things that have kept XVG community in one piece. No one believed that these cryptocurrencies would change the world and now, that it has changed the world, the future is still bright for XVG.

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