Verge (XVG) Laying The Ground For The Best Future In Cryptocurrency


For Verge (XVG), everything seems to be falling in place with certain regularity at the moment. The dark days of a few weeks ago are quickly receding into history.

What looked a deadbeat now is on the front page again. But this time it’s more positive. And to keep the good vibe going, read on to catch all the positivity surrounding this crypto that wants to conquer with its privacy coin XVG.

How slump began the uptrend

It’s only a couple days ago that holding Verge seemed a bad idea. But it was an opportunity. Many were made to feel unfortunate for being caught with bag holds of the coin after the prices tanked massively.

The slumping prices had dropped from a high of $0.115 on “vergeday” to a new low of $0.05 by April 25th. Since then, the coin has been pushing to regain momentum and the current $0.07 represents a 7-day increase of over 27%.

Coincidentally, Verge’s highest ever price was $0.23. This ATH was achieved during the last price boom December 25, 2017. As such, the current XVG price of $0.079 represents a drop of 65.45% when compared to its value 4 months ago.

The all-time low price for XVG was $0.0000022 on 6th February 2015. It, therefore, means that the current value of $0.079 represents a whopping + 3,597, 760% surge in value.

What does this mean? It’s been valuable if you came in at the lowest entry point. If you, however, bought in at the all-time high, then you have experienced a huge loss.

How the future is unfolding

Aggregated predictions place XVG at $1.40 by the end of the year. The predictions are based on increased adoption driven by meaningful partnerships throughout the year.

If it happens, with more people using Verge for payments around the world, expect the coin to get close to that. This would represent more than +1000% gradual increase in price.

It appears to be far-fetched, but the improbable has happened before- all you need to do is refer to the 2017 cryptocurrency boom that took investors to the moon.

Is XVG likely to moon too? It looks likely with the unfolding developments that are all putting the coin into the path of a gradual adoption and eventually see it become widely used globally.

The first shift of gears for Verge happened when Mindgeek signed on the dotted line and took XVG to most people’s private homes. Now we have a host of sites in the adult industry accepting XVG payments. And if that wasn’t enough, privacy site TorGuard VPN also joined in and started accepting the coins.

Since then, a few exciting events have all brought out the feeling that much is going to be achieved within Q2 and the rest of the year. First up was the pre-announcement announcement that TokenPay would be partnering Verge to release TPAY and XVG debit cards. That revolutionary step seemed to be just the beginning as now we have a new payment service ready to take XVG to the next level.

Coinpayments, a cloud wallet payment solution is a company based in Canada. The provider has chosen to have XVG integrated as a payment currency for its users stating that they chose it for:

“Incredible privacy, airtight security, swift transaction speed, and unbelievable flexibility of use”!

They went on to say that the crypto offered more than just privacy.

“Uniquely secure and safe, Verge also offers users other incredibly unique features such as atomic swaps, low transaction fees, and fast transaction speeds.”

The increasing realization that Verge could even be better is further bolstered by the recent addition of XVG to Abra and Bitfinex. The Abra digital wallet added the coin along other five cryptocurrencies.

Bitfinex too added the coin alongside XLM, adding to the many major cryptocurrency trading sites currently offering trading pairs with Verge.

Users can now access the crypto on the site via the EUR, JPY, and GBP. This will definitely increase the coin’s visibility in the market, adding to the possibility of further adoption.

Verge meet-up

Verge (XVG) is set to hold its first ever meet-up on June 9th, 2018 in Amsterdam. The significance of this event can never be understated. It basically allows the community to meet the team and other significant players working on the project.

It’s a chance to let the community learn more, opening up more chances for partnerships and other integrations.

In other developments, the Verge team has announced that halving of the block reward is happening soon. Though not guaranteed, this is yet another opportunity to have the value of XVG surging on increased levels.

If you didn’t know it, this is the best time to be a Verge (XVG) investor. The future couldn’t have a better forecast as it is now.

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