Verge (XVG): Is This The Next Game Changer?


While April 17th may be of little or no significance to the world, Verge (XVG) has heightened the expectations and arrival of that day in the crypto space. Following the news of a new partner to be unveiled on that day, the entire crypto market has worked in favor of the altcoin.

Verge Continues Unparalleled Market Run

Over the past seven days, Verge has been running riot in the crypto market, without showing signs of stopping either. Demands for the XVG has surged since the announcement, resulting in over 100% rise in trade volumes. Sometime yesterday, Verge was the second most traded coin, sitting behind only Bitcoin.

The value of Verge also benefitted from the huge boost too. The XVG is now trading at $0.090 apiece. The market cap of Verge is at its highest since January 2018. Verge now sits at number 21 in the crypto ranking with $1.35 Billion.

New Listings for Verge

Continuing its impressive run, as we await the big announcement, Verge has managed to secure another exchange listing. NakamotoX is a new exchange platform, with a 3-layer wallet system powered by TREZOR for security. Verge and 7 other assets were listed on NakamotoX during its Beta launch.

Following the NakamotoX launch, an announcement by EXVO a couple of hours ago shows Verge (XVG) is now open for trade on the platform. EXVO is a new, state of the art exchange platform, with a decentralized and open source network. The XVG/BTC trading pair is available for trade on the new exchange platform.

Who Will Be the Game Changer for Verge?

Following the news tweet on the new partner, the countless number of theories as to who this new partner will be for verge. With many of the opinion that TokenPay is the new mystery partner. A partnership with TokenPay seems logical, as the Verge team hinted a possible collaboration with the release of its debit cards.

While a partnership with TokenPay is very likely, a partnership with other companies can also work to change the game for Verge, and indeed the whole crypto space. A partnership with Amazon or Alibaba would be interesting, and a great feat for Verge. I would personally like to see a partnership with Microsoft.

Verge has kept things interesting in the last couple of days and has enjoyed unwavering support from the faithful verge community. With the current market state, if Verge gets it right with the new partner, there is only one direction Verge can go after that, to the moon!

The announcement will be made on April 17, 10:00 EST. The revolution is on for Verge (XVG)!

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