Verge (XVG): Cryptocurrency With The Best Community Does It Again


Verge (XVG) had yesterday asked its community to donate funds towards a number of initiatives. The official request came just a few days after hackers accessed the cryptocurrency’s Twitter account and asked for donations.

Were you among those who were skeptical about what Verge might be up to? Well, you would be forgiven if you were. After all, this crowdfunding initiative feels so similar to the Twitter donation earlier in the month.

However, this isn’t out of place at all. Cryptocurrencies like Verge (XVG) depend on funding from the community to finance their projects. And that explains why this crowdfund hasn’t caused any surprise in the crypto world.

The message to the Verge community is quite simple and straightforward.  It simply says

“We’re kicking off our first crowdfund of the year, to bring a few important elements to life! Only follow our account or website for official information regarding it!”

The good thing is that the public has been cautioned to be careful and only follow the coin’s official account or website. But there is only one problem: the proliferation of similar accounts or offshoots can easily confuse a less careful supporter.

To clear the air concerning this official activity, the Verge team re-tweeted a post by one of their supporters. Here it is.

Verge (XVG): Cryptocurrency With The Best Community Does It AgainThe appeal for funds from supporters doesn’t surprise as it had been made clear towards the close of 2018. By then, everything was looking up for Verge (as I believe it does now) and it was logical to ask for support.

“The Verge Team has been exceptionally active on all fronts recently. Our presence in the media has greatly increased, our development never stops and we continue to improve technology and bring innovation. With this being said, we believe it is time to take Verge to the next level and we need your help to do this.

Our plan is to double down on the marketing effort and let the world know about Verge and its amazing technology. To do this effectively, funding is needed and thus we appeal to you, the Verge Community, to help us by donating $XVG.”

That was in October last year, a whole three months before someone (or is it a group) tried to exploit the matter by asking for similar donations. The crowdfunding consisted of 4 milestones that sought to raise 250,000$XVG each, giving the team a total of 1 million $XVG.

And it appears that the crowdfunding has galvanized the VergeFam as the community of supporters call themselves. It is claimed the drive has raised 10 million XVG, barely 12 hours after it launched.

We take this with a pinch of salt until an official message comes out. The question one would ask relates to the amount raised. The earlier communication asked for 1 million $XVG. What has changed to necessitate the need for more money by the team?

Verge (XVG): Cryptocurrency With The Best Community Does It AgainWhat is it about?

Donations are to be sent to an address given by the Verge team. The main reason for seeking funds is to continue providing services to the VergeFam. For this privacy-oriented coin, funds seem to have run dry and the only way out is if they get some from their community. Quite interesting is that some of the progress made on the platform is funded out of the team’s day job salaries. Now, is that dedication or something else?

Verge (XVG): Cryptocurrency With The Best Community Does It AgainThe “official” donate page lists several reasons why the team needs to have the funds. If you are an XVG fan, kindly confirm first before you decide to donate. Here are some of the reasons that Verge lists as it seeks its community’s crypto.

  • Ledger Nano hardware wallet integration and support
  • Wraith protocol iOS enabled wallet applications
  • Advanced Marketing tactics which span the globe
  • Partnerships with large-scale companies
  • Real-world adoption

Since the unfortunate hacking of their Twitter accounts, the Verge (XVG) team seems to have resolved to go about their business quietly. It may be so, but something big needs to get going for this coin. It continues to lead when it comes to the best community behind any of the cryptocurrencies on the market.

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