Verge (XVG): Coming Soon To A Bank Near You

The magnitude of what Verge (XVG) may be about to accomplish can only be measured in the fullness of time. Meantime, it's best to prepare to see a "pay with XVG" sign in the shop at the street corner.


The magnitude of what Verge (XVG) may be about to accomplish can only be measured in the fullness of time. Meantime, it’s best to prepare to see a “pay with XVG” sign in the shop at the street corner.

A couple of weeks ago, it seemed as if all was lost for Verge, negativity greeting its mega partnership. The price of its native coin took a hit and nose-dived in a matter of hours.

At the time it appeared that for the optimist, Verge was offering a perfect chance to buy low and hold for the future. While the prices are still hovering below the $1 level, things have begun to look up for the coin. And soon, XVG may be coming to a bank near you.

I don’t mean the XVG/Mindgeek adult thing. That may not come to you, but it has sure played its role in catapulting other deals into the limelight. Remember the speculation whether TokenPay was the mysterious company partnering Verge? It turned out it wasn’t. Now fast-forward ten later. What do you see?  This is what you should be seeing:

Verge (XVG): Coming Soon To A Bank Near YouTPAY and XVG debit cards coming soon. Translated, it says “the journey to mainstream use is just about to hit the freeway”. And this partnership will open verge currency to other partners in the financial and business sectors.

Why XVG is made for the mass adoption

In simple arithmetic TPAY, +XVG means business. The deal to bring debit cards to Verge is an enormous one. Some major coins may have the feeling that they deserve it more, but Verge’s appeal far outweighs any competitor.

Complete obfuscation of transactions via TOR and i2P and untraceability make it ideal for the kind of privacy Mindgeek sought. But extremely low fees, faster transactions, and a high volume coin supply put XVG on the ramp toward mass adoption. The added advantage of choosing whether to transact on the private network or go to the public one makes it even more appealing to a wider industry.

How does TokenPay complete the picture?

TokenPay was the main contributor to the crowdfunding that enabled Verge to secure the biggest deal so far in partnering Pornhub and Brazzers, among other privacy-seeking sites. It is, therefore, expected that a deal between the two will be mutually beneficial to both cryptocurrency projects. The debit cards will surely change the landscape in favor of TPAY and XVG going forward.

TokenPay will initially own about 10% of the German bank with an option to buy another 80% to be the outright owners. What the whole thing boils down to is opening up of the banking sector to start accepting cryptocurrency. By the time this happens, Verge (XVG) will have been among the very first to get into the system.

Some are seeing it frenzy; making an announcement of an announcement. It is feared it will create a pump and dump scheme and hurt genuine investors. It may, honestly, end in that because crypto has seen some crazy things happening. But I’d like to see it a calculated move by the TPAY teams, a marker of transparency and which shows that they know when to pull out their cards.

As the news of the deal hits home, many more initiatives are getting into place. Speculation will even start being thrown around about the number of big deals waiting to happen for this crypto.

What does this mean for XVG HOLDERS?

The price of Verge (XVG) may not skyrocket immediately, now that the main announcement will be to elaborate on the known. The current price of $0.072 against the US dollar may not hit $1 overnight but will reach that mark at some point. What’s significant is that XVG has managed to turn green a few days after trading almost -40%.

Today the coin’s value is recording a +7% over the past seven days with a daily trading volume of $77 million. Expect demand for the coin to increase and therefore a short to the mid-term price increase.

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