Verge (XVG) And PayPal (PYPL): A Partnership Waiting To Happen?


What would be so bad for cryptocurrency? Would it be that Mindgeek fails to rejuvenate Verge (XVG) or if it really turned out that PayPal (PYPL) was the target for Verge before they settled on Pornhub? Does that, therefore, mean that Verge and PayPal could be a possibility?

It’s a question we shouldn’t shy away from, as Verge is officially accepted by a number of sites related to the adult entertainment industry. Yet, that speculative cloud that hung so low before the 17th has refused to move off.

We are in fact moving from thinking about what XVG’s value will be next week, to what it could be with another mega, truly world-changing partnership.

While nothing at the moment remotely suggests that such a thing could happen, throwing it out of the window would be akin to disregarding a few signs on the wall. Read this with a pinch of salt, but don’t bite your fingers.

Why isn’t it difficult to imagine some kind of deal between Verge (XVG) and PayPal (PYPL) could happen? I know you may point out the payment service’s stringent rules against cryptocurrency. That remains in place as we speak; PayPal resents cryptocurrency and has previously warned its users against it.

But what do we make of the “fake” email sent to some PayPal users, yet it hasn’t drawn the kind of response it deserves from the digital payment platform?

Apart from responses given to concerned users, no official statement has come out, perhaps alluding to a kind of softening against cryptocurrencies. This provides PayPal with a chance to explore the privacy features offered by Verge currency.

The stolen user data may not have from the company’s data servers, but it sure shows that users’ personal information continues to be vulnerable. Involving the Wraith protocol, Tor and i2p could result in a heightened sense of security for users.

The unique opt-out and seamless switching between a public and private layer is something developers may work on to make integration possible.

This episode illustrates the need for privacy solutions and for now, XVG is the hottest solution on the market, used and trusted by millions of users.

Until they give that official statement, the message they are sending out is that “wait a minute- can crypto be of help here”. And that brings me to my initial belief about the two platforms. Could XVG/PAL be a partnership waiting to happen, a sort of marriage for convenience?

The partnership with Pornhub could turn out to be the catalyst to a deal with Paypal. 100 million people visit Pornhub and related sites daily, a big chance to market XVG and draw in a user base. Many of these users value privacy and do have accounts with PayPal.

Verge makes it easier for these clients to anonymously pay for porn, but they can’t buy XVG directly using their PayPal accounts. What if some kind of deal was reached that allowed buying of XVG using PayPal directly? It would automatically increase the customer base for the two, potentially opening up the entire crypto market. Does that make sense?

Another thing is that PayPal (PYPL) needs to revamp its fees to continue holding advantage and dominance over the rest. Their recent parting of ways with eBay means another payment provider for eBay could push it and eat into a sizable chunk of its dominance.

Already there are numerous concerns that its charges are getting ever more expensive and some people want to pull out.

Verge offers a solution that ties in well with trends as more mainstream companies look for blockchain-based solutions. Low fees, faster transactions and a large community of users are advantages any serious business would like to have.

Meanwhile, Verge (XVG) has continued to recover from the slump that engulfed it last week. The coin has surged over 12% to trade at $0.069 against the US dollar. Quite remarkably, the crypto is now only -5% in the red, up from a low of -30% a couple of days ago.

If the trend continues, we may see it push for $0.1 before the weekend, a position it would carry onto next week. Positive sentiment created by a series of good news is responsible for this push and we could be forgetting the fiasco that followed Vergeday.

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