VeChain Ecosystem-Focused OceanEX Crypto Exchange Opens Registration

OceanEX, a crypto exchange built for VeChainThor (VET) ecosystem and built on the VeChain blockchain, has open registration for its platform.


OceanEX, a crypto exchange built for VeChainThor (VET) ecosystem and built on the VeChain blockchain, has open registration for its platform.

An AI-powered crypto trading platform

The cryptocurrency exchange OceanEX that was designed for VET is now live and also accepts signups. During the registration stage, users are expected to provide their email address, verification details, and password.

The cryptocurrency exchange has been designed to make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a high level of SSL security. These would help them detect any attacks on the platform fast and protect the digital assets alongside the transactions of the users.

According to the exchange’s official website, the platform will offer lightning-fast trading. This would be made possible by their systems which have been equipped to handle as much as 1.2 million orders per second.

The platform has also been designed to offer various investments strategies to both traders and investors.

The crowdfunding for OceanEX took place in two phases, the whitelisting stage and the VeChain community stage. The whitelisting stage saw the participants contribute 50,000 VET tokens to the project.

The VeChain community phase hasn’t been conducted yet and would take place very soon. The token for the platform, OCE is expected to be used for numerous things following the launch of the exchange.

According to OceanEX, the OCE token would be used in paying for fees like transaction fees, , listing fee, withdrawal fee, and also fund deployment fees. The token would also be used as a voting right during project listing debates.

OCE would also be useful in accessing the OceanLab research center, getting invited to OceanEx’s quality events and meetings, and accessing the trading tools and investment products available on the platform.

Users can now signup

Following the launch of the platform, the general public can now signup before the Beta version is launched. There are speculations that the Beta version would be released by the end of the month even though OceanEX has yet to make a statement on that.

Just like most cryptocurrency exchanges, users are expected to complete the KYC after registering on the platform. Users would be required to upload either their passport or any government issued ID.

A proof of residence would also be needed and this could be either a utility bill, bank statement, or a driver’s license.

Good news for VET

The launch of OceanEX is certainly great news for the VET ecosystem and the VeChain community. Since it was built for VET, the chances are high that the token would be used as the base crypto.

If that happens, then the demand for the token would be very high. OceanEX has yet to announce which token would be the base cryptocurrency.

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