Founder Of VeChain (VET) Teases New Partnerships


Since completing the move to its MainNet, VeChain has become one of the most impressive crypto projects in the crypto space.

In a recent Youtube interview, founder Sunny Lu teased the community with an important new partnership but didn’t reveal further details.

Growth of the VeChain network

From an impressive run in the market to attract new partnerships, it is not hard to see that the mainnet launch has rejuvenated the network.

Over the last couple of weeks, VeChain has been expanding its use case. VeChain recently entered into a partnership with the Chinese government for vaccine traceability. VeChain was also an integral part of the Lisk MainNet launch.

Early this month, VeChain announced a partnership with NTT (for its 5G Open Partner program), a telecommunication firm looking to industrialize the 5G network before 2020.

VeChain also has partnerships with Renault and BMW.

Sunny Lu Teases potential partnerships

Founder of the VeChain Project teased the possibility of an interesting new partnership during a live Q&A on YouTube when discussing the future of the VeChain network.

Development of VeChain

Sunny Lu began the live chat by praising the VeChain community. He described the VeChain community as one of the best and great examples of a crypto-community.

Lu pointed out that the extension of the X-node binding time window was one of the main actions the team took as a result of the community input.

Lu went on to add that everything is going according to plan as regards the VeChain MainNet, and approximately 90% of VEN turned to the MainNet VET tokens.

He further stated that he is very happy with the new Protocol – Multi Task Transactions and how it rolled out. Multi Task makes it possible to issue various transaction in a major transaction.

Future projects of VeChain

For short-term VeChain projects, Sunny Lu mentioned the integration of the VeVID service, which will make it possible for the user to verify their identity.

In the video, Lu also mentioned the launch of the VeChainThor mobile wallet (the wallet is expected to be released on both Android and iOS devices).

He confirmed that another partnership will be added to the current line-up of automotive companies that includes BMW and Renault.

In addition, OceanEx (a trading platform with the VeChainThor platform) is currently in the WhiteListing process for those who would like to participate in the VeChain Community Round.

OceanEx is an AI powered digital asset trading platform within the VeChainThor Ecosystem. OceanEx uses AI technologies to provide an actively protected and ultra-liquid cryptocurrency trading market

John P. Njui describes the platform as a full-fledged quantitative trading capability and a rich set of investment tools and products to meet a wide spectrum of investment strategies from all types of investors.

VeChain met with new use case

The major drive for cryptocurrencies have been trying to find uses cases and getting into partnerships with real-world business so that they can be implemented in real-world mainstream businesses.

VeChain has been met with a new, rare use case. A Dutch citizen wants to sell his home in the Netherlands, but will only accept the payment for his house in VeChain (VET) tokens.

Dian van Heijningen is looking to sell his home in Rotterdam- Kralingen, Netherlands for a price of 31,516,323.03 VeChain tokens (VET), which is work about $475,000 given the current price of VET.

While individuals have sold their properties using Bitcoin, Heijningen is the first person in all of Netherlands, and maybe the entire world, who is trading their home in exchange for VeChain tokens exclusively.

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