Will A Reboot See TRON (TRX) To The Moon?


TRON (TRX) is a decentralized blockchain-based company that “aims to construct a worldwide free content entertainment system,” called TRONix. Users of TRON have complete ownership of what they create. It seeks to create the next generation for Internet Entertainment.

TRON under Founder and CEO, Justin Sun has laid down six phases in its technological roadmap for success.

We’re still in the first phase of TRON’s technological roadmap. The first phase will see it launch a file sharing service as a Proof-of-Concept for the future full Tron blockchain. The second phase ‘Odyssey’ will see its teamwork to attract content creators to the network.

It released a mobile app version on the 9th of February, what followed was an almost instantaneous price jump of more than 30%. Daily growth of the digital asset has simmered down in the past few days. TRON Dogs adds an extra utility to the fast-rising cryptocurrency which many other digital assets are lacking at the moment.

TRON’s partnership with Game.com and the newly released TRON Dogs may not be as intriguing as the upcoming Main Net Launch, but the integration of the TRX coin into the gaming world serves a very practical usage of the digital asset, this would also increase the liquidity of TRON thereby keeping its market conditions healthy.

CEO of TRON Justin Sun recently announced that TRON’s Main Net (Exodus) would launch on the 31st of March 2018 as a test platform.

The launch of the Main Net or Exodus, will see TRON break away from the shadows of Ethereum which it relies on. Exodus is its own blockchain, this would open up a world of possibility and expand the capability of TRON.

Denison Yachting – a Florida based Yacht Company on Friday, February 16 announced that it will be accepting Bitcoin and a handful of other cryptocurrencies including TRON as a means of payment for their new high-end yacht.

This announcement came just days before the Miami International Boat Show, which kicked off this week.

TRON (TRX) in the Market Today

As at press, the TRX is trading at $0.050 apiece. TRON occupies the 15th position in the cryptocurrency ranking with an impressive market capitalization of $3.29 billion (USD). TRX also boasts an impressive 24-hour trading volume; $188,712,000 (USD).

TRON’s Main Net launch may be just what it needs to quiet its critics, and maybe put the valuation of the digital coin up to scale with its market cap and popularity. After the Launch of TRON’s Main Net, the valuation of the TRX coin is expected to hit the $1 mark.

By the end of the Reboot process by TRON, we expect it to be a competition for the place as one of the top Altcoins. One of the best strategies for investors to apply to TRON is “The best time to buy is when there is blood in the streets”.

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