Why Justin Sun Will Lead TRON (TRX) To Success


TRON (TRX) blazed into the limelight in Q1 as it rode a high wave of expectation from its community.

That wave persists; even though it’s tapered a bit given the thorough beating TRX prices have received in the last few months.

In about six months, TRON has amassed a very huge following, among the most passionate supporters of any cryptocurrency.

In the midst of this seemingly unstoppable march is Justin Sun. he alone has the capacity to lead TRON to success. TRON’s rise so far can be attributed to this young entrepreneurial mind, one of the top figures already in crypto-sphere.

We can’t blanket everything into praises though, as there are several who criticize his approach, especially when you go back to the beginning and the debate about the crypto’s whitepaper.

Why Justin Sun Will Lead TRON (TRX) To SuccessHowever, aside from those issues, it’s clear that the future of TRON very much depends on its founder and CEO. History is dotted with powerful, enigmatic and tireless figures who led revolutionaries, have built behemoth h businesses and inspired monumental growth.

Of course, the same history is full of figures who led to the downfall of empires and others who’ve overrun companies into bankruptcy.

In this respect, he’s not alone and he could be as well end up being the difference between the cryptocurrency going on to succeed, or hitting an iceberg to sink.

Here is why Justin Sun should/will lead TRON to success.

Experience and support

The short of it is that Justin Sun has done it before. The long of it being, he has the support to go all the way. The TRON CEO founded Peiwo, China’s equivalent of Snapchat.

However, it didn’t just stop there, the company’s growth saw it command a huge following, supposedly becoming bigger and interesting some tech giants. For his successes, he was named top of Asia’s Forbes’ 30 under 30 minds.

He has also worked for Ripple, becoming its rep in China. His interest in cryptocurrency then moved him to develop TRON.

But perhaps more interestingly, is the kind of support the community gives him. They believe in him and that can only be great if the project has to achieve its goals.


Justin Sun is seen as the next Jack Ma. He’s lauded all over as being very visionary and this is supported by the fact that Alibaba’s Ma personally invited him to study at the prestigious Hupan University.

And he graduated earlier this year, a student who learned from the master himself. He continues to be likened and linked to the enigmatic Ma and if there’s anything to go by, it’s the fact that the Alibaba founder is supportive of Sun’s efforts.

Sun should continue to learn from one of the best entrepreneurial minds and their close links can only mean TRON will benefit.

Ambition and great leadership

After creating TRX, it took Sun just six months of concerted effort to see his crypto climb into the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

He has managed to market the project and his decision to migrate from ERC-20 status is just the beginning of several he’ll make for TRX’s benefit.

He has assembled a great team of developers from tech giants like Tencent and Alibaba, as well as Baidu among others. It’s his intelligence and leadership acumen that has pushed TRON into the limelight within such a short period of time.

The team has been able to work very fervently and delivered the testnet and the Mainnet ahead of time.

And unlike other projects that have hit major hitches, TRON seems to be set to securely migrate from the Ethereum network.

These developments are complemented with savvy marketing strategies, including the $30 million airdrop given to all Ethereum holders. The fact is that TRON is a creation of Sun and he’d want to see it succeed.

BitTorrent and TRON collaboration

There’s no official connection between TRON and Sun’s recently acquired BitTorrent. However, there’s a possibility that the crypto could end up reaping benefits from this.

At the moment, TRON is in the process of swapping from Ethereum to its own blockchain. Should the TRON Foundation merge with BitTorrent and offer torrenting services via its platform, then TRX could experience exponential growth.

The key man here is Justin Sun, and he could use his new platform to have a real-world use for TRX. It’s a matter of waiting, but the future just got illuminated for the 10th ranked crypto.

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