What Is The TRON (TRX) Secret Project?


It’s barely a week since TRON (TRX) dominated the crypto news with a flurry of activities. In fact, it would be on point to say that the crypto platform has been in the limelight since it announced the launch of its Testnet.

That trend is set to continue with CEO Justin Sun announcing “a secret project” set for July 30. The only downside for TRX has been its value in the market.

What Is The TRON (TRX) Secret Project?

Prices have not gained to reflect the growth in the crypto’s mercurial rise to sit among the top projects in the crypto space.

That might soon be a thing of the past if indeed there’s an era-defining project in the pipeline.

While speaking at a live stream to mark the release of its genesis block, the TRON founder summed up what they have achieved so far and said that:

What Is The TRON (TRX) Secret Project?What is this secret project all about? For now, not much has been revealed and the most we know about it is that it’ll be revealed by the end of July.

The excitement in the community is slowly building up, and it will likely be a busy month again as we edge closer to the defining dates.

Already, there is a lot of speculation and rumor doing round on social media and crypto circles about it.

While many agree that indeed it is a secret project, some have pointed out that it could be anything; from a high-profile partnership to just some sort of hype.

Sun’s remarks may have been aimed at ensuring that TRON’s success in recent months was felt in the market for its investors.

We’ve seen the team give specific milestones and definite deadlines, and then going on to deliver as promised.

This is what Sun, the face of TRON, may have been alluding to by setting July 30 as the next significant date in the crypto’s march towards the top.

It seems to be telling supporters and the larger investor community that ‘hey, we’ve said it before, and have delivered, believe in us’.

It likely will ignite renewed confidence in the coin, a first step towards realizing long-term value growth.

It’s not a secret that there are many who find nothing exciting about TRON. However, the truth is that there are millions more who believe the cryptocurrency has a bright future.

One thing is clear with this though: the revelation could directly impact the value of TRX in the market.

Will it be tied to the TRON Virtual Machine?

More details about the project alluded to by Sun are likely to emerge as we move closer to the d-day. However, what we can’t second-guess is the fact that the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) will officially be unveiled on July 30.

At the moment, there’s an alpha version launched on May 25. It’s expected that it will play a big role in the “decentralize the web” objective.

According to TRON Foundation, the TVM is a:

“Turing complete virtual machine developed for Tron’s ecosystem, aimed at providing millions of global developers with custom-built blockchain system which is efficient, convenient, stable, secure and scalable.”

The TVM has the potential to cut into Ethereum’s dominance in the dApps market.

Two of the biggest advantages TRON holds over EVM are related to the ease of use as well as costs.

Developers utilizing the Tron Virtual Machine don’t have to contend with high costs related to “gas” used in deploying and executing smart contracts.

The Turing-complete language also means the ecosystem makes it easier for entry-level developers, a further incentive that will see the platform explode in popularity.

The positive air around TRON will continue to galvanize the supporters and may yet lure more investors.

What we don’t know is whether the “project” will live up to the expectations.

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