TRON (TRX) To Explode: 2 Major Events Guaranteed To Get You Excited


You’ve probably heard these words before and you could be wondering what the banter is all about again. You will be right if you didn’t go on and put my words into action.

However, a quick reminder is that yes, you did hear these words somewhere else before, but they weren’t connected to TRON (TRX), as I should assume.

So, allow me to utter them one more time: 8 days stand between you and a possible Lambo. It’s that simple.  Before I go on, I should, however, sound a warning too. The flipside of all this is everything could also go wrong. Especially bad would be if you decide otherwise.

A possible bull run is on cards here

That’s my conclusion, up front. TRX has an exciting future ahead of it. And the only outcome I can foresee is a boom in its value beginning Q3 2018. In short, I am saying, TRX’s value may be tanking, but that is just like many of the other cryptos. If you are looking to add to that portfolio, one of the coins you could consider is Tron.

When the price is going down, it’s time for me to buy and bury the PK somewhere (you know what I mean). I’ll then retrieve it in about a year and a half, ready to dance because it will be a nice surprise.

Justin Sun and the TRON Foundation are doing a great job at marketing this platform. The potential for it to truly disrupt the entertainment industry is there. You only have to look at the recent partnership with BitGuild.

In the snapshot below, remove the words “community developers” and have the word “Hodlers” instead.

Why then, you may be asking? If that is you, then this article is actually meant for you.

The launch of Exodus and Testnet good for potential growth

In 8 days, two fundamental things take place on the TRON platform. The date is 31st March 2018. The two VIF revolve around the launch of the network’s Beta version and Test Net. The two will then be followed up by the Mainnet launch on May 31st, 2018.

One very vital outcome of the Exodus launch will be the enabling of the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM). With it, the platform will be able to host smart contracts. It will also allow for the running of full nodes on the network alongside the deployment of digital assets. In essence, the Test Net enables TRON to operate as a blockchain which opens it up to develop further robustness. Users will also be able to use the blockchain to send and receive TRX coins.

If you are a seasoned crypto investor, you know what these releases could mean for TRX prices in the days leading up to and/or after. For you who may not be into crypto or are looking for your first opportunity to foray, then there isn’t a better coin than Tronix right now. Look at the chart below and you will have a fair understanding of what it is I mean.

TRX’s low price is an advantage

The value of any cryptocurrency, most times, lies in the intrinsic utility of its coin. While some coins have been designed as pure stores of value, the Tron coin will function as the native currency that will power the network.

At the very least, the coin won’t be reliant on its use as a payment currency. As the platform expands to encompass more users within the entertainment and content creation industry, so will the currency grow in value. Demand vs. Supply will then dictate its price. At under a dollar, the crypto offers a very tempting opportunity to buy low and go long.

Since mid-January, the cryptocurrency has maintained a fairly less volatile price curve. It is one among the few whose price chart suggests there could be a wild run if the market became bullish.

Today TRX/USD is down -6.42% to trade at $0.036495. It has a 24h trading volume of $220,143,000 against a circulating supply of 65,748,192,476 TRX. The total token supply is 100,000,000,000 TRX.

The high trading daily volume is an indication that more people are anticipating a price jump after the 31st of March. It has turned out like that on many occasions. I won’t be surprised if Tron (TRX) crossed the $1 level before 1 May 2018. That is what I meant by the value of these 8 days.

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