TRON (TRX) Shows Good Signs Ahead of the MainNet Launch


Arguably one of the biggest projects on the network, the MainNet launch on TRON (TRX) has generated a lot of expectation and support. The MainNet launch which is set to happen in about 9 days from now would see TRON move from its current Ethereum blockchain to its own blockchain.

A lot is happening around TRON ahead of the MainNet launch, the TRON Official Website has gone through some updates, now spotting a market tracker for TRX, latest news on the MainNet launch, quite visibly too, the TRON Website has gone through some changes with a prominent change in color schemes.

TRON is expected to flourish once settling into its own blockchain, with CEO, Justin Sun predicting the altcoin to be the biggest after the launch. The TRON MainNet launch is big enough new in itself, but TRON has other projects lined up in its attempt to take storm the world.

The TRON Virtual Machine 1.0 (TronVM) is set to launch on 25th of May. After the MainNet launch, TRON would be performing a token swap from June 21 to June 25, Super Representative elections would be conducted on the next day, and see TRON become jointly governed by TRON Foundation and the TRON Community. Ahead of TRON’s project, the market is already turning in its favor.

Market Performance of TRON (TRX)

The bearish market is beginning to happen more frequently and ruthlessly in May. The bears are back, and the figures are appalling, with the much hated red figures engulfing over 80% of the entire crypto market. Although TRON is down in the red, it showed remarkable progress regardless of the declining trend.

While the bearish trend persisted yesterday, TRX was hit with a price pump which saw the token surge from $0.076 to as high as $0.0847 USD, however, that’s how long TRON managed to stay afloat before joining the declining crypto market today.

TRON (TRX) is trading at $0.079 after dropping 2.59% of its trade value in the last 24 hours. TRON now holds an estimated market cap of $5.229 billion USD which ensures it remains the 9th largest cryptocurrency. TRON has a 24 hours trading volume of $600.58 million USD, which is on the high side.

What triggered TRON’s single day price pump is not yet clear, however, such progress in the current bearish market is a sign that the altcoin could lead a bullish run when the MainNet launch is released.

Noteworthy Exchange Platforms Supporting TRON (TRX) Migration

TRON MainNet Launch is only about 9 days away, after which the migration of the token to the new TRON blockchain will happen between 21st to 25th of June. The token migration will be an automatic process for token HODLers who have transferred their tokens to Exchange platforms which have announced their support for the TRON token Migration, before June 24.

As at the time of this writing, there are 10 noteworthy exchange platforms which TRON HODLers and traders can utilize ahead of the Token migration. These exchange platforms include; Binance, Bitfinex, Bitpie Wallet, Bittrex, Bixin, Coinnest, Coinrail,, RightBTC and Zebpay.

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