TRON (TRX): Odyssey Update Begins Arduous Trek Towards Brilliance


TRON’s journey towards greatness is getting into shape with every other passing day. The release of the TRON Odyssey is yet another step towards that as the clock ticks away the countdown to Mainnet launch.

And amid this forward March, Justin Sun has sought to remind the crypto world that TRON (TRX) is the future of a decentralized internet, a brilliant project that the world may only come to reckon with in the fullness of time.

This perhaps follows endless questioning of whether TRON has the mechanism to deliver what it and its founder have promised over the last few months.

Justin sun, quoting one of the deans at Hupan University states that:

“Brilliance is always recognized after the fact. Brilliant thoughts and actions are often so ahead of their time that it will be a long time before people are forced into the reckoning. This is the arduous trek towards brilliance”

It is an arduous trek indeed, with most of the hard work yet to be accomplished. Yet an update like this one on the mainnet brings that dream closer. Part of the brilliance could be attributed to the way the TRON (TRX) team has been working hard to deliver what’s on the platform’s roadmap.

The team comprises some of the brightest minds in the blockchain, the founder himself a graduate of the selective Hupan University.

It wasn’t surprising really when the announcement was made that the testnet and mainnet releases had been brought forward by at least two months. Now, an update to the Odyssey achieves another of those as it was originally scheduled for January 2019. This means that TRON’s roadmap will continue to run ahead of time.

Odyssey is meant to provide content creators and developers with the incentive to utilize the TRON network. At its heart is the fact that content creators need to get fair returns for their work.

According to Lucien Chen, TRON’s CTO, “this update offers much smoother connections, higher TPS thanks to concurrency techniques, and a more wholesome, more decentralized voting system.”

To prevent future vulnerabilities, TRON’s team has further worked to boost the network ahead of launch. They realize that blockchain is first and foremost supposed to be decentralized. This principle, however, makes any blockchain a prime target of DDoS attacks.

The team has therefore used the Odyssey update to help make the network more secure by working on the transfer of data over the bandwidth.

The Odyssey update also means that the network has been revamped to increase the overall speed with a much higher throughput (TPS), improved efficiency in the broadcast of transactions, optimized storage, and enhanced the interaction protocol to help identify bad nodes.

A new partnership is coming?

In other developments, the TRON community appears to be anxiously awaiting Justin’s announcement of a new partnership. In comments shared on Twitter, users have implored Sun to make known when he intends to announce the new partnership with a mysterious $100M+ decentralized App (dApp).

The excitement is made even greater with speculation that it could be linked to the gaming industry, most probably casino-related. Others think it will be with Chinese giant Tencent.

However, some in the community feel that this won’t happen as it would jeopardize TRON’s chances of partnering Alibaba. An exciting project like TRON will always be linked with some of the highly established companies around the world.

Till the announcement is made, it’s a “wait and see” matter. But one thing that could come from this is that TRX prices could skyrocket if the news came too close to the mainnet and it proved to be a mega-partnership.

TRX in the market

The market is somehow indifferent to Tron (TRX) at the moment. Even though the token has gained by +3.24% over the last 24 hours, its 7-day performance is down by -8.33%. TRX currently trades at $0.08 against the USD, down from $0.094 price levels reached on May 1, 2018.

Its market cap, as well as daily trading volume, has gone down from $6.1 billion and $1.04 billion to $5.5 billion and $412 million respectively. This could be expected as investors look forward to the end of May and possible price explosions. It may well be so, but if the words of Justin Sun’s dean at Hupan mean anything, then hodling may be the best thing.

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