Tron (TRX) Listed On Huobi Pro And Trades $50M On Day 1


Tron (TRX) just curved a little market share for itself by getting listed on Huobi Pro.

Tron is now on Huobi Pro and is trading under the pair TRX/USDT. The announcement was made via Tron’s Twitter handle @Tronfoundation and by Huobi Pro on their official exchange page yesterday March 9, 2018.  Trading commenced the same day at 18:00 (GMT +8).

USDT is the trading symbol for Tether which is ranked 15th on with a market capitalization of $2.2 billion.

Tron (TRX) Listed On Huobi Pro And Trades M On Day 1

The addition of TRX on Huobi Pro makes it the seventh exchange site to add Tron’s native currency onto a trading platform. This is coming just days after TRX was listed on India’s biggest exchange site Koinex. Getting onto Huobi Pro, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges adds to the other five that include Bittrex, and Upbit.

All these are in the top 10 exchanges in the world, something that should make Tron and TRX available for the vast majority of new investors seeking to jump onto the crypto-riches bandwagon.

This is a great penetration beginning to happen for Tron as it seeks to revolutionize the digital entertainment sector with the use of blockchain and distributed storage. Although Tron only has a 32% public interest as of today, this is likely to change in the coming months as the crypto makes inroads into the digital arena.

Today marks day two of TRX/USDT trading and looks like it is already having an impact as TRX gains over 9.88%. (as of 16:00 GMT)

This how TRX/USDT trading charts look like on Huobi Pro; take note of the uptrend. The chart shows that the 24h trading volume is just shy of $50 million. Exciting times for you is you hold TRON.

Tron (TRX) Listed On Huobi Pro And Trades M On Day 1But this isn’t the only exciting news about Tron this weekend.

Gaming Platform BitGuild to partner Tron as it prepares to launch its ICO

The gaming platform BitGuild announced that it would partner TRON [TRX] as it seeks to launch its initial coin offering mid-March.

The partnership, which was announced on Friday, March 9, 2018, indicates that BitGuild will be looking to develop a variety of entertaining in-game items based on TRON.

BitGuild is going to change the future of gaming and if its fortunes change for the better, then it would be a great partnership that Tron have got themselves. BitGuild’s ICO will be held on 15th March 2018 and it would be interesting to find out how this development will impact Tron as we look forward to a smoothening out of the market.

Tron (TRX) Listed On Huobi Pro And Trades M On Day 1Tron (TRX) amongst biggest gainers as it closes in on top 10 cryptocurrencies

Tron (TRX) was amongst the biggest gainers today as its value increased by +6.7% on a day that sees most cryptos get into the green as the market looks to shed off the recent reverse.

In fact, among the top 15 coins, only DASH has gained more in the 24h period with 10%. Today’s price of $0.037 isn’t the best; however, as overall prices fell over a seven-day period.

Last Saturday, Tron was valued at $0.04 and had a market cap of $3.2 billion. Today’s market cap is $2.4 billion against a liquidity of $259 million. Nevertheless, Tron’s trajectory for today makes for a smooth uptrend without the hourly swings witnessed yesterday.

Below is TRX price chart and its movement over the day on 10th March.

Tron (TRX) Listed On Huobi Pro And Trades M On Day 1Tron [TRX]’s outlook over the next few days shows that the coin will grow by a further +10% on a day-to-day basis. However, this will highly depend on TRX’s performance on the two recent markets of Koinex and Huobi Pro.

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