Tron (TRX) Is Destined To Electrify The Crypto World


I must admit that when I first heard of a coin in the Cryptocurrency world called Tron (TRX), I immediately thought about the Disney Franchise that has had many geeks (including myself) dreaming about light-bikes and teleporting into the digital world of their computer’s integrated circuits.

The first movie was a bit of a graphics nightmare, but the reboot in 2010, made up for it. Especially with the Daft Punk soundtrack blasting through the surround system when watching the movie!

Tron (TRX), the coin, is also going through a sort of reboot as I type this. It is getting stronger in terms of popularity, proving to the naysayers that it was not an empty project and constantly trying to pump some good prices on the cryptocurrency markets. I

In the past week, Tron had shown signs of breaking free from the dreaded ties to Bitcoin in terms of market performance. We all know that when Bitcoin (BTC) thrives, all of the alternative coins (altcoins) also thrive.

But when Bitcoin fumbles, the rest fumble – Tron included. Could it be that our Tron will be the first to break free from the jaws of Bitcoin in an epic bull run?

So how is Tron going to electrify the cryptocurrency world in a manner similar to the Daft Punk soundtrack in the 2010 reboot of the film with a similar name?

To begin with, TRX is showing signs of proof of concept. The problem with most coins after an ICO is to deliver on the promises showcased on the whitepaper. Tron (TRX) is showing signs of proving the naysayers with a bunch of releases this year. It surely wants to decentralize the entertainment industry. Any content creator can now be able to distribute, market and generally control their content over a decentralized blockchain.

The first release by the TRX team is the cute Tron Dogs that are sure to give the Cryptokitties a run for their money. Crytokitties was such a hot item during the first days of release, that they caused a backlog in transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Can you imagine a bunch of inanimate kitties causing all that?

Then here comes Tron (TRX) dogs in a very strategic time. It is actually the year of the Dog according to the Chinese calendar. Boom! Talk about a coincidence.

We all know how our lovely Chinese friends stay loyal to their horoscopes and calendars. Their ways of marking dates and time have seen their influence even outside their borders. As a matter of fact, I once used their calendar and horoscope to get a date. Funny story for another day!

Apart from Tron dogs going live during a strategic time in the Chinese calendar, on February 7th, Peiwo APP, which is a partner of the Tron (TRX) project, announced that it had successfully integrated TRX deposits, tipping, and withdrawals! If this will not electrify the cryptocurrency world some more, I do not know what else will.

The Peiwo App is the largest audio content community in China. It has over 10 million globally registered users and over 1 million monthly active users. (Insert some more Daft Punk music).

The main age group to use the Peiwo App is between 16 and 25 years old. This is a very unique age group for they have grown up in a world of social media, likes, live streaming and getting famous via these forms of digital media.

These two cases show evidence of the beginning of big things to come with Tron (TRX). The coin and the Tron Foundation is slowly proving critics wrong and winning over doubters with the release of real-life applications going further to show proof of concept.

What we are now waiting for as Tron (TRX) believers is for the coin to rise above the bearish market so we can celebrate with some more Daft Punk music.

The future is here ladies and gentlemen! Are you going to be a part of it?

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