TRON (TRX): If You Love TRON, Here’s Your Chance To Join Core TRONICS


TRON is days away from its Token migration and swap in what the founder has likened to a new dawn for the crypto. And as the d-day approaches, TRON wants to consolidate support among its over 100 million TRX holders.

As an initiative, the team has invited its most passionate supporters to join TRON core TRONICS. The recruitment commences June 15, 2018, and will last until the day of the migration on June 25, 2018.

In a medium post and on Twitter, Tron called out its community, appealing to them via a subtle plea.

“If you do love blockchain, love TRON, and believe in TRON’s future, come and join us!
Core TRONICS are recruited from now till June 25th.”

This latest move by TRON Foundation and its CEO is smart as it virtually helps it bring a core team of supporters within the community. They could be very useful in its efforts to grow as an ecosystem.

What will those recruited do?

As per the announcement, TRONICS members will explore various ways of supporting the platform, all the while looking to help it grow. Those recruited will need to have a lot of time on their hands and be patient.

But first, anyone interested needs to register and list whatever advantages they believe come with that move.

Amongst many other things, the TRONICS team is going to spearhead community feedback, effectively linking the community to the team in a structured manner.

They’ll also be in charge of translating and disseminating the latest TRON news- which could be quite a lot in the coming weeks and months. Other than that, they’ll also be expected to handle any queries arising from new user concerns.

Other ways of supporting the project will be via organizing offline meet-ups for the TRON community as well as ensuring the community remains united and active with activities. Even those within the community with technological know-how will be called upon to provide technical support and advice.

In short, there is going to be a whole lot of things a TRONIC could be engaged in. If this is so, hopefuls may want to know if there’s any reward in it. The answer is affirmative.

What is needed?

Unfortunately, this isn’t for every holder of TRX tokens. For the few who will be chosen, they need to be TRX holders with at least 10,000 tokens.

Other requirements include being an ardent supporter of TRON, have a deep understanding of blockchain, are proficient at minority languages, and be in charge of an active group consisting of at least 500 members.

There are a number of benefits TRONICS will enjoy, among them being allocated TRX once in a while. They’ll also be able to attend meet-ups every quarter.

TRON (TRX) Future

It’s been quite a rollercoaster for TRON in Q2 so far. After prices failed to rally following the Odyssey2.0 launch, a market-wide decline crashed investor confidence. For a few days,

TRX faced massive selling pressure.

However, one thing remains clear here: TRON (TRX) is a very strong project and its future is one to look forward to in the blockchain world.

A glance at TRX fundamentals reveals that this coin is gearing up for a great run in the coming months. It has a very lively team, has a live product, and is listed on most of the major exchanges.

Furthermore, TRX boasts one of the best throughputs in blockchain with a 2000TPS level. And just as every holder hopes, the eventual token migration will launch TRON into a very productive stage. Of special interest will be the number of dApps that can be built on the platform.

When we look at price movements, TRX charts show that it’s a matter of time before we see an upsurge. TRX has a major support line within the current trading range of $0.04 and $0.055. This wide range has been evident over the last few months when the token stayed relatively steady even as prices elsewhere tumbled.

The only remaining move for TRX is to break above this trend and make for higher price levels. The next major resistance level is at $0.075 and breaking above this opens up the way to $0.10 by the end of this quarter.

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