Tron (TRX) Gives Out iPhone X To Winners Of Facebook Contest


Justin Sun, the founder, and CEO of Tron (TRX) yesterday announced the winner of Tron’s recently conducted Facebook Video Contest. The winner was awarded an iPhone X, while others got $100 worth of Amazon cards

Winner gets an iPhone X

The winner of the contest, Sofia Verga received an iPhone X from Justin Sun. The other five winners, Charity Compassion Coin – CCC, Wilbert K.Varquez, Brady Pugliese, Denis Li, Cody Dulski, were all rewarded with an Amazon card worth $100 each.

In his tweet, Sun stated:

Congratulations to the winners of the #TRON Video Contest on Facebook!! Sofia Verga for the iPhone X, Charity Compassion Coin – CCC, Wilbert K.Varquez, Brady Pugliese, Denis Li, Cody Dulski for the $100 Amazon Cards. Follow my facebook for more events. #TRX $TRX.

The Facebook Video contest is a big bounty program which Tron started for its community. It gives the community members an opportunity to win iPhoneX (64G) and $100 Amazon cards once their video is accepted and declared awesome.

The idea behind the contest is to increase Tron’s (TRX) popularity across social media platform. The team stated that this round of contest ended on the 3rd of August.

The contest was made open to anyone who follows Justin Sun and TRON Foundation on Facebook. In order to win, participants were asked to make a video highlighting some very enlightening statements about the cryptocurrency’s Independence Day of TVM.

The participant would share the video on his/her personal Facebook page, while 10 friends, Justin Sun and TRON Foundation are tagged

The participant that gets the highest likes and shares are rewarded with iPhoneX (64G). The five others following closely get 100 Amazon Amazon cards or TRX of equivalent value.

Tron encourages participation in its community

This isn’t the first bounty contest that Tron made available to its community. Back in July this year, Tron Foundation awarded five of its community members who participated in the Tron (TRX) SR voting guidance a sum of 10,000 TRX.

The contest was a video collection was done for Tron SR voting guidance. The contest started on June 30 and ended on July 8.

Even though the videos were shot in different languages, the over hundred videos available were aimed at increasing participation in the SR voting all over the world.

Six awesome videos from five participants were selected, with the Tron team handing out a total of 10,000 TRX to the winners.

Tron Foundation moving forward through acquisitions

Tron is also making progress on the business side of things. Last week, Tron Foundation announced that it has acquired the Blockchain.Org domain name.

This latest acquisition is set to help the team develop a one-stop aggregated data, search engine platform. This acquisition comes after the firm also bought the file sharing platform of BitTorrent.

BitTorrent has over a hundred million active users and is a very smart acquisition by the Tron Foundation.

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