Tron (TRX) Adds Multiple Accounts And Address Book Features To TronWallet


The Tron (TRX) Foundation has released its latest TronWallet update. Most notably, TRX holders will now be able to host multiple accounts in one wallet and an address book feature to store contacts and payment addresses.

Fewer bugs, more languages

The new wallet update includes with more than a hundred bug fixes. It has also been translated into five new languages:

  • Spanish;
  • Chinese;
  • French;
  • Portuguese; and
  • Dutch.

Get organized with the multiple accounts feature

The wallet enables users to split their operations into multiple accounts. For those that have used their app before, there is a significant change to it. Even though the necessary information is still intact on the platform, the screen has been converted to an account.

Tron (TRX) Adds Multiple Accounts And Address Book Features To TronWalletIt is on the screen that controls for Multiple Accounts are possible. It is designed in such a way that the Multiple Accounts are possible shows which account is being selected when a user has only one account.

With extra accounts, the cards will they show up to the right and left and the user will be able to select which will be active at a particular time by swiping to that account.

Store contacts in new address book feature

On the TronWallet, any account created newly will be assigned a name automatically. Users will also be able to edit their new accounts and insert their favorite addresses as contacts in a new tab called Address Book.

All these were explained in a blog post which looked into all the features added to the wallet. The contact and account sections are also included in the app.

They operate similarly and both list a user’s accounts and contacts. Even though the two look and operate similarly, an account can’t be deleted while a contact can.

Tron (TRX) Adds Multiple Accounts And Address Book Features To TronWallet

Tron (TRX) team working on more ideas

Even though the development team has done an excellent job with the TronWallet so far, they are still making some progress. The team is working on adding premium features to the app.

They are also planning to add a liquidity network with smart contracts, p2p exchange, cashback and rewards programs using a utility token. The post added that the team is open to any ideas from its community.

Tron’s status in crypto space continues to grow

Tron has shown and continues to show that it is a very important cryptocurrency in the crypto space. Over the past few months, the cryptocurrency has been making some moves and winning over some supporters.

Its acquisitions of BitTorrent and has made has strategically placed Tron on a path to further success. Tron has also announced that TRX is now on CoinPayments and that TRX payments will become easier on Pornhub, the leading adult site.

Founder and Tron CEO Justin Sun has been leading the way and Tron might still make some important moves before the year runs out.

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