Tron Foundation’s Acquisition Of BlockChain.Org Now Complete


The Tron Foundation announced on Friday, August 10 that it has purchased the Blockchain.Org domain name.

Tron founder and CEO Justin Sun believe that Blockchain.Org will be a one-stop aggregated data, search engine platform.

The team behind TRX cryptocurrency further stated that the platform will offer big data analysis, project evaluation, information search, and other services for users in the blockchain field.

Sun called on other players in the cryptocurrency world to participate and build platforms to help the growth of blockchain industry.

Big data will help Tron understand its community

The Tron Foundation is hopeful that by including big data, it will be able to understand what the Tron community wants.

It will also help them understand what the general blockchain ecosystem needs during the current and future market situations.

BlockChain.Org will be designed to analyze the needs of the blockchain ecosystem and provide possible solutions.

For Tron to make use of the big data feature on the platform, three factors will be very important, the volume, speed, and type of information.

In terms of the volume, Tron will have to observe and keep track of the latest happenings on social media, websites and existing search engines.

After that, they will need to process the acquired data as fast as they can in order to provide accurate and updated feedback to the users of Blockchain.Org.

The third factor which is the type of information analyzed will be in formats such as text, images, pdf, video and more.

Seedit users can send (TRX) over Twitter

Tron also announced that Seedit users can now send TRX tokens using Twitter. Seedit which is a TRX payment platform was designed to enable real-world applications for TRX holders to use the coin for payment.

Seedit was developed by TRON Super Representative called SesameSeed. The Super Representatives (SRs) are communities of the TRON infrastructure the power, secure, and legitimize the network.

The communities are usually rewarded with TRX tokens and also with voting powers.

Tron making smart acquisitions

The Tron Foundation has been making some very smart acquisitions recently. It purchased the file-sharing platform of BitTorrent, a few weeks ago, with the Tron community particularly excited by that acquisition.

BitTorrent has over a hundred million active users and stated that it wouldn’t be changing the way it operates following the acquisition. Despite that, the acquisition is still a very important one for Tron.

The team has also been working on their Mainnet while also releasing the Tron Virtual Machine, which is expected to improve the platform.

The Tron project has been focused on decentralizing the web and its infrastructure. Tron Foundation has two offices at the moment, in Beijing and San Francisco, with plans to set up more around the globe.

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