TRON Foundation Joins NeoWorld But No Implications For TRX Token


Tron (TRX) has joined NeoWorld, which could potentially see its spiking popularity grow even further.

In a recent blog post, Tron foundation revealed that the blockchain platform would work with blockchain-based virtual reality game NeoWorld. Tron CEO Justin Sun also tweeted about the ‘partnership’.

The development is expected to see the two projects develop a blockchain VR world in 3D on the NewWorld blockchain ecosystem.

TRON Foundation Joins NeoWorld But No Implications For TRX TokenWhat is NeoWorld?

NeoWorld is a blockchain technology-based virtual reality world. Its creators say that it gives users a multiplayer gameplay mechanism that helps them access and experiences a 3D virtual environment.

According to the platform, users have the opportunity to discover and explore “new frontiers” and can build their careers, legacies and accrue wealth.

Besides, the platform makes it possible for users to form interactive communities that accord them an avenue to create fun through creating private and professional networks. Users can experience the 3D world via avatars.

NeoWorld, like the virtual reality platform Decentraland, allows users to buy land parcels that they can develop to add to its value. At the moment, the NeoWorld project has seen the purchase of over 100,000 parcels.

Users need to purchase the virtual items used to develop their parcels. The developer team at the blockchain platform has however said that the sales are not meant for profits. Instead, users only pay a fee when completing transactions to supports the project’s operations.

TRX in the NeoWorld world

NeoWorld wrote on its blog that the “wave field” competition would allow users to register and participate in a search for gold vouchers on the platform’s “fourth continent.”

The event will see about 300,000 TRX given to users. Tron Foundation has not announced the specific details of the ‘partnership’.

However, the team noted in a Medium post that the collaboration allows Tron to enter the NeoWorld ecosystem and help plan “the NeoWorld Exclusive Island, strengthening the cooperation within the community ecosystem.”

Tron’s entry into the NeoWorld 3D world is already on course, with Tron Foundation constructing the tallest building on the virtual reality platform.

TRON Foundation Joins NeoWorld But No Implications For TRX TokenTron notes that its building is not only the highest but ranks best in working rewards. Justin Sun’s team also said that plans are underway to have Tron play a significant role in the development of NeoWorld Island.

The big question would be the place of Tron’s native token TRX on the virtual reality platform. Although the NeoWorld ecosystem only allows the use of its native NeoWorld Cash (NASH), chances are users could find TRX attractive for transactions.

The possibility of having TRX used on NewWorld arises because the 3D environment is said to replicate our real world situations.  Thus, the TRX token may find its use in the purchase and sale of land or buildings.

At the moment, NeoWorld Cash (NASH) remains the only transaction token for the NeoWorld community. The NeoWorld whitepaper explains that NASH is an ERC223 token with which users can trade and complete other economic activities within the gameplay.

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