Small Chance Tron (TRX) Could Partner With Alibaba (BABA)?


It is just that; a small chance that would mean everything for TRON (TRX). There isn’t anything official that has been communicated yet.

But a look at the clues to be a part of the bigger picture. The link between TRON or Justin Sun and Alibaba keeps strengthening every other day, pushing forth the thought that a partnership is on the cards.

The clues

The biggest clue that TRON could partner Alibaba sometime in the near future comes from Jack Ma himself. The Chinese business tycoon and avid entrepreneur have a tendency of investing in projects founded by his former students and protégés.

The best example of how Jack Ma could be the link between TRON and Alibaba comes from Weixing Chen. Chen is the founder of Kuadi, a ride share app similar to Uber. Alibaba invested heavily in the start-up that now threatens to overshadow Uber.

Factor in the fact that Weixing Chen is a TRON team member and a close friend of Jack Ma. Add to that fact the fact that Justin Sun is also heavily associated with partnering Kuadi. This seemingly meshed up friendship could be a stepping stone for TRX’s links with the Chinese behemoth.

Connect the dots and you’ll see why this makes sense. TRON’s founder Sun is one of the best students of Ma, having graduated from Hupan University, where the Alibaba founder is the principal. Remember that Justin Sun graduated as the first millennial student of the highly competitive university.

As such, the CEO of one of blockchain’s fastest growing projects may have endeared himself even more to his investment role model. It wouldn’t be a big shock if Sun himself tweeted about the possibility of a partnership before the end of Q2.

Don’t misread or misquote this because as I have said, nothing official has been communicated yet. A lot of misinformation out there has led to unnecessary FUD in the crypto industry.

Justin Sun has maintained a bullish aura about TRON’s future, something that comes out as an assurance of a game-changing partnership. The build-up towards the cryptocurrency’s Mainnet launch in May has been a cause for optimism for the community.

Yet that doesn’t compare to what partnering a global brand as Alibaba would do to the fledgling cryptocurrency. And thus any small chance it would happen holds a lot of expectation. Before the big one arrives, TRON has (and still is) trying to partner some of the projects that some kind of connection to Alibaba.

Apart from Peiwo that is associated with Sun, other companies that have joined the crypto include Ofo and BikeShare. Kuadi could be next.

One more clue relates to the TRON team. There are strong connections to the Chinese giant in the team. Zhao Hong (also called Marcus) used to work for Alibaba as a data mining Chief; Wang Lifen has been referred to as Jack Ma’s longtime friend; Weixing Chen is the founder of Kuadi and good friend of Ma; and finally Lucien Chen former employee of both Alibaba and Tencent, who now works for TRON as Technical lead.

I believe these clues point to the fact that anything that is likely to happen will have a strong bearing on where the cryptocurrency will be at the end of 2018 or a few years down the line.

Why should you look at TRON (TRX)?

TRON’s flagship project is enabling a decentralized web through leveraging blockchain technology. The platform offers fast, scalable, and high transactions per second (TPS). Other than that, it seeks to revolutionize the entertainment industry through its smart contracts layer, similar to what Ethereum is.

The crypto has gained a lot of interest this year, especially as its Mainnet launch approaches. TRON, whose TRX currency is still an ERC-20 token, is currently ranked 10th on the market.

It has a market capitalization of $5.08 billion and traded $717 million worth of TRX today. It traded at $0.077 against the US dollar. With future prospects indicating positive growth, what may push it across the finish line to the top is a deal with a company that will pull in millions of users. Is there a chance it could happen soon?

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