Reasons Why The TRON (TRX) Party May Not Be Over Yet


The thirteenth largest digital asset by market cap ($2.6 Billion strong), and undoubtedly one of the most advanced has continued to make efforts to improve its already amazing profile. Following the successful testnet launch, TRON is already on another journey to bolster its platform.

Welcome to Project Genesis

During the TRON testnet launch, Justin Sun announced that 1 Billion USD will be dedicated to the TRON community in the rewards program.

To increase the excitement, and commitment of the TRON community, the CEO announced via his official twitter handle that the amount to be given out in rewards pools through the Project Genesis launch is now 2 Billion USD.

Reasons Why The TRON (TRX) Party May Not Be Over YetThe GITHUB plan which began in March is the first of the Project Genesis. The update made will see Project Genesis run throughout 2018. The increased rewards will ensure greater participation in the programs organized by the TRON Foundation.

MainNet is drawing closer

With the success achieved during the Testnet launch; over 2,500 nodes were launched in 31 countries in just one week, you can only imagine what TRON will achieve during at its MainNet launch. After TRON launches MainNet, TRON will be essentially shedding its identity as an ERC20 token. TRON is set to launch its MainNet on May 31.

For those closely following the TRON roadmap closely, the MainNet wasn’t initially scheduled for May, that puts the TRON Foundation about 6 months ahead of its original roadmap. Shows just how much work the TRON Foundation has put into becoming a competitive cryptocurrency.

Super Representative elections is coming!

In a bid to keep the network decentralized, TRON would be conducting its first series of elections for Super Representatives. The date for the elections has been fixed for June 26th. Twenty-seven Super Representatives will be elected using 65,748,111,645 TRX according to Justin Sun.

The super representative election would also mark the end of the TRON Exodus Phase, and serve as a transition to the Odyssey. At the end of the elections, TRON will be jointly governed by TRON foundation and the TRON community. A total of twenty-seven Super Representatives will be elected and will be awarded 1,009,152,000 TRX annually – without inflation.

Price and Performance of TRON (TRX)

With the frenzy that accompanied the testnet launch, one would have expected the TRON tokens (TRX) to receive a huge boost. In reality, it didn’t, TRX, however, lost value following the testnet launch, then slowly picked up the pace. As at the time of this writing, TRX is trading at $0.04 apiece.

The price of TRX doesn’t seem to match up with the effort and input by Justin Sun and TRON Foundation. Justin Sun has said, it cares more about the ranking of TRON than the price of the TRON token. However, not every person gets his big break once, and that of TRON (TRX) may just be lurking around the corner.

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