Justin Sun’s Vision for TRON (TRX)


Every Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or Managing Director (MD) wants the company he or she is running, to be successful in all of its endeavors.

Such an individual is usually driven by passion and ambition. The individual takes calculated risks and most importantly, he or she must have a vision for the company that gives him sleepless nights as he tries to realize it.

The list of good CEO’s is endless but let me highlight one who really is a guy to research and learn from. That person is the founder and former CEO of Oracle, Larry Ellision.

In his biography titled Softwar, Ellision is portrayed in a manner that is so intimate that you get to understand why the man is so driven in his passion to conquer the software industry as well as the very intense sport of yachting.

In the book, you even get to find out about cases where he sent his employees to do what is called ‘dumpster diving’ at the offices of his bitter rivals, Microsoft. No wonder the author made an effort to call the book ‘Softwar’ for Ellision had declared an all-out war against his competitors; some of which he acquired later on (Sun Microsystems).

He then would proceed to release a whole suite of Business applications based on the cloud at a moment when the word ‘cloud’ to some of us, meant the white or grey stuff that hovers above us and brings rain.

We had not heard of it! Ellison had seen the future of cloud computing and he was not going to let Microsoft, IBM or Amazon, beat him to the prize of being first in the market.

It is with such a premise I want to investigate the vision Justin Sun has for Tron (TRX).

What exactly does he want Tron coin to be in the next few years, let alone the next few weeks? What products or services does he want TRX to be known for besides an exciting coin on the multiple cryptocurrency exchanges?

To begin with, Justin only wants the best of the best working on the project. When you look at the profiles of the team, all you see is stellar excellence.

TRX’s Chief Technical Officer, Lucien Chen, has an impressive resume. He has worked in top-tier internet ventures in China such as Netease Youdao, Tencent, Qihoo 360 and SM Search (Alibaba affiliate). Every day, TRON is adding new and experienced members into its team.

But that is not enough. The project has to be revolutionary and groundbreaking.

The project itself sets forth Jusin’s vision of a free worldwide content entertainment system, based on blockchain and with distributed storage technology.

What this means is that TRON allows each user to freely publish, store and own data in a decentralized manner where they decide the distribution, subscription, and push of content. This will enable the creators of the content to have control over their digital entertainment assets in a decentralized internet.

This means more quality content over the internet rather than that which is posted online to generate profits. We all want the best of music, best of movies, best of blogs, and the best of digital content. But in the real world, this content is decided in boardrooms by digital media executives that ‘force’ feed us what they believe we want.

On the Tron (TRX) platform, a person like myself who loves Old Skul Hip Hop will be able to access music from current artists who still believe the genre is the epitome of hip-hop culture. I have no qualms with Trap music, but I like my rhymes a certain way.

A decentralized digital media content platform is a large undertaking by TRON and Justin. This might explain why there is so much FUD and negativity geared towards the project and terming it as a con. I mean, who can blame the hotshot media executives in boardrooms from breaking the wings of this revolutionary project.

Justin has a monumental task ahead. But if he is as determined, tough, aggressive and competitive as Larry Ellison, the Tron (TRX) project will soar to the stratosphere.

Justin is also lucky to have the backing of Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, who also rose from a life of constant rejection (from even working at KFC) to the billionaire dude highly sought for around the globe

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