Top Reasons Why Amazon (AMZN) Will Choose Litecoin (LTC) in 2018


There’s not express claim that this is indeed going to happen or such statement. But the premise here is that there are things that can be looked at and the hypothetical thought is that it’d be great if it happened.

Why would Amazon need Litecoin?

Litecoin (LTC) failed to get the TokenPay partnership its founder hoped for. Could he be out on the hunt for another partnership? Possibly; definitely; or maybe- that’s the big deal for now.

There is perhaps one good reason why Amazon (AMZN) needs a cryptocurrency for payments and another good reason why Litecoin could be the best fit for that.

Amazon needs to have in place a truly networked global payment system that would be user-friendly, secure, and suitable to its business structure. But before we see how Litecoin fits into the picture, it’s good to note that Amazon’s business is expanding very first, into remote locations and over vast networks, including its cloud computing services. For effectiveness, all these would need a robust payment system and added security. Cryptocurrency offers that.

Why is Litecoin the top choice?

Among the top coins with the global presence to handle Amazon’s need, none comes out better than Litecoin. Already accepted by an increasing number of payment providers, the foundation is already there for it to upgrade. There were rumors of Facebook being in the works, but that was quashed when FB sought to distance itself from cryptocurrency.

That leaves the e-commerce behemoth as the top partnership Charlie Lee and his Foundation should go for. If Amazon were to pick a cryptocurrency, (assuming they don’t develop their own coin soon) then out of the top 10, Litecoin stands out for its closeness to Bitcoin. It would have been Bitcoin, but its slower network and huge fees disqualify it. As a scalable, secure, and cheaper version, it would seem that LTC becomes the next best choice.

Charlie Lee could be the person who brings Amazon to Litecoin

The least of concerns for many founders of the top coins is the value they command in the market, but more on what the platforms can achieve in a real-world situation. And that’s perhaps the fact that Lee doesn’t hold any LTC for speculative purposes could be a good thing. It gives him the freedom to concentrate on trying to get the right deals for the coin.

But it hasn’t been the best of times for Litecoin (LTC), with a majority of its community members seemingly not happy with founder and Foundation leader Charlie Lee. In fact, that led to him carrying out a twitter poll in which he asked the LTC community to vote on his leadership of the cryptocurrency project. Here is his question:

“How is my performance leading Litecoin adoption and development?”

It turned out the community was split on the issue. 56% thought it was good or excellent and 23% said it was fair. Of the more than 33,000 votes, only 21% thought it was poor. It’s a small percentage, but out of these was one who wanted to know if Lee would do things differently next time. The Twitter user commented thus:

“Had you kept even some of your LTC I’d have given you an excellent vote. Every creator of every project owns some of their coins/tokens. I’m just curious, if you could go back would you do it differently and if so how? Just being honest and real.”

To these, Charlie Lee gave a simple, but profoundly important answer. He said he has some LTC which he uses for payments.

Top Reasons Why Amazon (AMZN) Will Choose Litecoin (LTC) in 2018So in short, the Litecoin founder didn’t dump everything when he sold “all” his LTC last December. If the charismatic and highly knowledgeable LTC founder still holds some of the cryptos, then it’s possible he’d want to do things right. And one of the things he can do is to get the payment currency into a really defining partnership. There are several, but not so many carry the appeal and possible game-changing allure of the online commerce giant.

The likelihood of Amazon (AMZN) partnering a cryptocurrency keeps getting closer as the world gravitates towards blockchain’s revolutionary and disruptive technology. There is a tinny chance Litecoin (LTC) could be next to partner Jeff Bezos’ company. Yeah, it is a remote possibility, but in a world where nothing is constant, we could see a shift in such stances.

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