Top Reasons To Love Stellar (XLM), Tether (USDT) And Tron (TRX)


When it comes to reasons why we favor certain coins over others, the consensus would be that it all depends on what we want and what the project offers.

But in most cases, the bottom-line would rest with what we gain from supporting the coin. If you are hunting for the next big thing, looking at the very top of the ladder may not give you very many options.

But with over 1500 cryptocurrency projects listed on, you may be a little bit overwhelmed choosing between this or that coin, especially with so many duplicate ideas. You’d need to narrow down to the top 30 coins and further still, the top 20.

Among these projects are Stellar (XLM), Tether (USDT) and Tron (TRX). Why should you love any of them?

Top of the list of the whys is the question of whether the project offers something unique, revolutionary, and/or what the world would need from blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Stellar (XLM)

Stellar may have performed poorly in Q1 as did other coins, but at the moment remains one of the top cryptocurrency projects.

The prime reason to have a serious look at this coin is its potential growth due to adoption by the banking sector.

Stellar’s platform is technologically designed to achieve the most of its XLM coin. The biggest advantage it has over other platforms, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the direct competitor Ripple, is its robustness.

The platform is aiming at being the fastest and cheapest method of making cross-border payments. In this aspect, Stellar has one big canon in its armory: the partnership with IBM. There has already been the talk of there being several Central Banks waiting to adopt Lumens in their cross-border transactions.

Can XLM be up to the task? Yes, it can. Unlike many other platforms, transacting on the network is free and better still, every transaction takes between 2-5 seconds only. Furthermore, XLM allows for inter-currency money transfer, making it easier to transact between different fiat denominations and XLM or other crypto assets.

Tether (USDT)

USDT is a cryptocurrency in the ilk of stablecoins. The coin was designed to offer an alternative to trading exchanges that want to offer crypto/dollar pairings, but not particularly keen on the possible regulatory conundrum.

The company behind the coin, Tether Limited, has faced a lot of criticism for lack of transparency. The whole issue revolves around the fact that the ratio of circulating Tether to USD should be 1:1, meaning the company should have the same amount of real USD in their reserves.

The lack of clarity has many speculating that USDT may imminently collapse, causing a market-wide ripple effect. While this may be a possibility, the company maintains it won’t and that the stablecoin is in fact backed up. So, why should you warm up towards this cryptocurrency?

First, the coin allows you the opportunity to trade crypto against USD. The USDT pairings make it easier to trade on several exchanges.

Other than that, the coin’s release has always been observed to coincide with falling BTC prices. It means, when BTC drops, you get to buy another crypto on the cheap. What this basically means is that USDT could offer “buy the dip” opportunities. Once prices recover, you make some profits for yourself.


The first reason you should have a look at the TRON project relates to its ambitious goal of decentralizing the web. Tron began with the intention to use blockchain technology to revolutionize the entertainment and gaming industry.

It gave publishers and content creators a framework to freely explore publication, storage, and ownership of creative content. TRON had a perfect platform for widespread use.

Decentralizing the web, its intended objective is even grander, but giving power and control to users is sure to attract many more admirers. A decentralized internet will allow gamers, content creators and publishers to establish ownership and exploit data storage capabilities on the internet.

The other reason is the team. They say that a team is as good as the efforts of its leader. Well, Tron has one such person in founder and CEO Justin Sun. The vision and passion of one of the brightest minds in Asia give the project one strong pillar for future growth.

But that alone wouldn’t be enough and thus a connection comes in: the partnerships the coin has brought on board. In the current race to attain adoption and improve usability, TRON is among projects with the greatest efforts.

These partnerships are wont to drive penetration, aiding in entrenching uses for the TRX coin. When that happens, the project becomes valuable both to the ordinary users and investors.

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