Top 3 Crypto Picks For June 2018: EOS (EOS), Ontology (ONT), Qtum (QTUM)


Much of 2018 has been labeled as being tough on cryptocurrencies in general. The bearish months of March and the first two weeks of April made buying certain cryptos worthwhile for their potential as prices had declined.

The mini-rally at the end of April meant it became tricky as top promising cryptocurrencies rode the sentiment and surged.

May began well but went sideways as prices tanked across the board. However, at the moment, there are signals that we could be on the verge of a bull run. Both major and minor cryptocurrencies are set to experience a major price run.

Here are the top 3 picks for exploring in June 2018.


The 5th ranked EOS recently launched its mainnet and is set to gain a lot of attention in coming days. Even though the crypto has already seen massive growth, it remains a very attractive proposition.  It aims at enabling anyone to create and deploy blockchains, dApps, and other business applications easy

EOS analysis

The current price is $14.05 against the USD. It has a market cap of $12.5 billion and has seen $1.2 billion worth of its coins traded in the last 24 hours.

EOS witnessed a meteoric rise in April, gaining in value as popularity skyrocketed with excitement over its upcoming launch. On April 1, EOS traded at $6.00 against the US dollar. With sentiment positive, it rose to hit a new high at $21.64 by April 30th. Even though it hit the all-time high then, its value took a deep and dropped to $10.53 by May 24th.

The drop in May is comparable to the one in March, but the good thing is that the coin has picked a bullish signal and recently rose from $10 to $15 in two days.

When EOS struggled in the bearish market in March, not much was expected and it surprised with a remarkable rally. But it so happened and the crypto snatched up the 5th spot from Litecoin (LTC).

Verdict: Recent setbacks aside, there’s a lot EOS will offer and its platform will likely grow to monumental proportions. Various moderate predictions put it at reaching between $30 and $50 in 2018. Bearing in mind the swift growth in April, EOS is the coin to watch this June.

Top takeaway- EOS has the potential to overtake Ethereum and that would put its value beyond even the predicted levels. This is why it’s a top pick for June.

Ontology (ONT)

Ontology is one of the high-flying cryptos in the market. Though its rise was checked by the recent bearish market, its strong platform gives it a shot for another bull run before the end of 2018.

The platform offers users a public blockchain that provides an appealing tool for distributed ledgers as well as dApps and smart contracts.

The platform can also be customized to be used in any number of applications.

The Ontology ecosystem also provides for a decentralized user interaction which exposes users to a framework that allows them to have full control over their digital identities and digital assets.

ONT analysis

Ontology currently trades at $8.11, rising by 9% in the last 24 hours. This is one of the coins that have seen a steady rise in 2018. Despite the bearish trend around cryptocurrency, ONT retained a positive sentiment and is poised to have a colossal run in coming days.

When it traded for the first time in March, ONT coins were valued at just over $1.2. However, it rose to reach $11 by early May. The slight drop took it to around $7 and now is looking to rally again to higher levels. It currently has a market cap of $1.2 billion and sees a daily trading volume of over $112.

Verdict: Ontology is in a unique position as it seeks to break above new highs. Its relationship with NEO and OnChain plus the dual token structure will be big factors going forward. Having moved from 35th to 19th position in a few weeks illustrates its potential.

Qtum (QTUM)

Qtum (QTUM) needs no introduction. It’s one of the strongest candidates for massive price gains in 2018. The unique hybrid architecture that combines Bitcoin’s strength and Ethereum’s platform utility makes it have a highly reliable platform.

Recent developments in the platform’s technology also set it up for further adoption. The ease with which developers can create and develop dApps makes it attractive. For new users, working on the platform is easy in languages like Java and C++. Other than that, Qtum recently launched the x86 Virtual Machine that makes it even easier using the QRC-20 tokens. Growth and adoption are in line here.

QTUM analysis

Like many other coins, QTUM experienced sharp price declines in March and early April. The late April and early May rally saw it rise from around $14 to reach $22.90 on May 7th. It then dropped again to reach a new low of $12.25 against the USD by May 29, 2018.

Currently, it trades at $13.85, gaining over 6% in the last 24 hours. The expected bullish run should take it back to a value closer to $25 as it looks to push towards its ATH. It has a market cap of $1.2 billion and a daily trading volume of $123 million.

Verdict: the Qtum team recently announced that they’d be focusing more now on marketing and adoption. These two aspects are likely to impact greatly on how its native currency grows in coming days.

There are several exciting projects you can look at, but these three are the top picks to watch this June.

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