Top 100 Cryptos – Best And Worst Performing Digital Assets – September 2018 analyzed the price performance of the top 100 digital assets. Below, we present the five best-performing and five worst-performing digital assets for the month of September as well as some honorable mentions.


September was a rough month for many cryptos with the vast majority of large- and mid-cap seeing red with the exception of a few including Ripple (XRP), which made it to the top 5 performers gaining over 70%. 

Bitcoin experienced a 5.95% loss for the month while Ethereum suffered an even greater loss, dropping by 17.87% following a bearish outlook by its founder. analyzed the price performance of the top 100 cryptos as of October 1, 2018, at 12:00 AM EST. We measured the change in opening price and closing price between on September 1st and September 30th, respectively.

Below, we present the five best-performing and five worst-performing digital assets for the month of September. We conclude with some honorable mentions.

Top 5 Performers – September 2018

Eternal Token (XET)

The best performing cryptocurrency amongst the leading 100 is Eternal Token (XET). This cryptocurrency experienced a massive surge by 464% over the past 30 days, which saw its price rise from $0.3 at the start of September to close the month at $1.9

The crypto project partnered with blockchain-based company Eternal Wallet PH Holdings, Inc., Philippines. This partnership will enable Eternal Token to acquire a virtual currency exchange license in the Philippines.

Electroneum (ETN)

This cryptocurrency which is ranked the 46th in terms of market cap surged by 246% last month. It started the month trading at $0.005 but experienced a Bull Run that saw it end the month at $0.02.

The surge in the price of ETN could be attributed to the launch of the beta version of its instant payments processor dubbed the Electroneum Instant Payment API.

This payment system will allow users to pay for items in shops or stores in ETN instantly from a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Odyssey (OCN)

Odyssey which occupies the 96th place in the cryptocurrency market cap list was up by 200% last month. It was trading at $0.003 at the start of the month but surged higher to end the month trading at $0.01.

On September 11, the project announced that it has initiated an OCN buyback program using platform revenue.

The funds to be used for the buyback program will come from the newly launched OCNEx, a cryptocurrency exchange that is directly integrated into the OCN community.

Ripple (XRP)

XRP, Ripple’s cryptocurrency was perhaps the most recognized cryptocurrency rises experienced over the past 30 days. XRP was trading at $0.33 at the start of the month but surged by 73% to end the month at $0.58.

Ripple announced last month that its xRapid product would be launched (it was launched at the ongoing Swell Event). This product would help banks speed up transactions using XRP.

This news coupled with several partnerships with financial institutions over the past few weeks were the major catalysts behind the rise in XRP price.

Dropil (DROP)

The last on the list is Dropil which recorded a gain of 53% last month. DROP was trading at $0.002 at the start of the month but closed at $0.003 by September 30th.

The project runs a trading platform DEX which makes use of an automated mechanism as a trade investment platform.

The team announced last month that it has now reached 65 million users in the system, 45,000 user wallets, and 75,000 active Dropil users.

Worst 5 Performers – September 2018

Waltonchain (WTC)

Amongst the top 100 cryptocurrencies, Waltonchain was the biggest loser last month. Over the past 30 days, the cryptocurrency lost more than 37% of its value.

The cryptocurrency was trading at $4.7 at the start of last month but dropped massively to trade at $2.9 by the end of September.

The cryptocurrency which is known for r using blockchain to revolutionize the supply chain management industry, announced a partnership with Fashion Town (Dongdaemun) to initiate the first Blockchain + RFID Solution in South Korea.

It was also listed on Bithumb last month but that didn’t save it from its poor performance.

Mixin (XIN)

Mixin was the second worst performing cryptocurrency over the past 30 days. XIN started trading at $225 at the start of the month but lost 35% of its value before the end of the month to trade at $146.

The development team is looking to build a blockchain platform that would provide users with instant and secure cryptocurrency transactions. This would enable users to develop and curate cross-chain dApps.

Rchain (RHOC)

This cryptocurrency which is the 71st in the cryptocurrency market cap list. RHOC started the month trading at $0.36 but plunged lower to trade at $0.23 at the end of the month, which represents a 34.45% decline in price.

The development team launched the testnet of their platform on September 5, with the mainnet expected to occur in the first quarter of 2019. The platform would be for launching smart contracts.

Augur (REP)

The decentralized gambling platform saw its native token lose 31% of its value last month. REP was trading at $19.6 on September 1 but ended the month down at $13.4.

There was no major news from the development team but reports surfaced that Augur has lost 90% of its users since it was launched in July this year.

Aion (AION)

This cryptocurrency was the fifth biggest loser amongst the leading cryptocurrencies last month by losing 30.71% of its value during the month. It started the month trading at $0.60 but dropped lower to trade at $0.41 by the end of the month.

The development team announced in Mid-September that the Aion token bridge and swap had been launched. This enabled AION ERC-20 Tokens holders to seamlessly and atomically transfer their AION ERC-20 Tokens on Ethereum to AION Coins on the Aion Blockchain.

Honorable mentions

Dogecoin, Stellar and Maker saw some very respectable gains despite the bear market dragging into September.

IOTA, VeChain, and Lisk were among the biggest losers in the top 25 assets during September’s bear market, each losing over 20% in just 30 days. As mentioned in the introduction, Ethereum (ETH) also performed poorly losing over 17% in September.

Check back in next month for our next monthly edition of Best and Worst Performing Digital Assets.

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