This Is Ontology (ONT) And Sentimental Isn’t Their Thing


The Ontology token ONT is trading double digits in the green against both the USD and BTC on a day its value has shot past the $4.20 mark.

The token is up 25.74% against the US dollar and 25.28% against BTC. This is a remarkable rise for the token that began trading towards the end of Q1 2018. Over the 7-day period, Ontology (ONT) has gained a massive 94.19% in value.

To put it into perspective, ONT traded at $1.41 against the US dollar on March 11, 2018. The rapid uptrend has seen its value rise by 300% over the last one month. You can’t bet against such a return for the initial holders of the token.

With sentiment for the majority of the market unsure if what next, ONT continues to defy trends as it outclasses major coins.

Could we see the token hit $5.00 soon? That’s likely, with the Ontology team set to highlight the NEO meet-up in Amsterdam on April 14, 2018.

So what should you know about Ontology?

The Ontology platform is designed to support public blockchains, offering a framework for developers to use its tool to customize own blockchain to suit specific or varied applications.

To help achieve its goal of creating an enabling framework for blockchain development, the Ontology team has worked to provide distributed ledger technology and smart contract ecosystems.

Ontology’s dual-token structure a big plus

The rising value of ONT, Ontology’s token is attracting a lot of interest from investors. The project, which can be called “new” as it started trading in March, has uniqueness written all over it. And that’s precisely what may give it an edge as it seeks to curve a part of the crypto space for itself.

Right from the way it was initiated –via a 20 million ONT airdrop to NEO holders-, to its architecture consisting of several “chains”, Ontology is designed to disrupt blockchain.

It shouldn’t be lost to you that this project has another unique similarity to NEO. It’s the dual-token platform that resembles the NEO-GAS relationship. When the Mainnet launches, holders of ONT will be able to earn ONG, similar to what happens when you have NEO.

This is perhaps one of the main attractions of the platform to new investors, as one can earn ONG, itself an incentive for people to have more ONT tokens in their wallet. And with its maximum supply set at 1 billion ONT, the token should remain in the realm of affordability.

Expect increased volumes over the coming days as more people get to know more about this token and what they stand to gain from it.

Ontology’s just announced Co-Builder Plan

In the world of business, companies will tell you that securing collaborative partnerships is one of the easiest ways to gain traction for success.  Well, the same applies to cryptocurrency and Ontology, just like many other platforms, recently announced that it would partner four China-based venture capital firms.

The cryptocurrency will be joining with established companies like Sequoia China, Matrix Partners China, Danhua Capital (DHVC), and ZhenFund. Together they have initiated an action plan code-named Co-Builder Plan.

The expectation is that these companies will help Ontology bring its technology to the blockchain arena. Through the initiative, the ONT token will be of high value in developing 3rd generation blockchain platforms for use with real-life applications.

What does this partnership mean for the ONT community?  We could say a lot, but I’d like to think of rapid expansion and adoption of the platform is not in doubt. The four VCs are all big companies in China, and their vast reach could help propel the cryptocurrency platform towards more visibility and usability.

In the end, we are looking at a platform that will probably conquer China before spreading its tentacles to the rest of the world.

Matrix Partners China representative had these to say about the deal in relation to Ontology’s objectives in providing solutions to blockchains.

“We are very optimistic that Ontology will continue to build the infrastructure and gateway for a truly global digital identity. Matrix Partners China, along with other investors and partners, aims to help Ontology expand their community and ecosystem via blockchain innovation.”

It’s the possibility of expanding even further that gives Ontology (ONT) holders Lambo dreams. Is it possible Ontology could go on to outpace its master NEO?

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