Things You Should Know About Divi (DIVX)


Divi (DIVX) markets itself as the project that has the blockchain solution that will eventually capture the cryptocurrency’s over $10 trillion market.

The market, according to the team, is out there among the ordinary public. If a crypto gets the masses to adopt its solutions, then they will conquer crypto space. Solving the conundrum of adoption is Divi’s main goal.

The team intends to achieve this by making cryptocurrency as user-friendly as possible. Their magic wand is the Divi Smart Wallet.

To achieve the goal of bringing the ordinary person who is averse to crypto onside, the team is banking on the power of simplified technology. And the team has identified a number of milestones that will definitely lead them there. These are:

New blockchain– in short, Divi wants to make it possible to use everyday things like email, Twitter, or even a person’s name for transactions. This will replace the addresses in use by cryptocurrencies that scare the hell out of some would-be users.

Masternodes– the Divi masternodes will be tiered and offer incentivized awards to users.

Lottery bocks– this is perhaps what may attract quite a number of users to the ecosystem. As a user, you stand to win a given jackpot every other week when you stake your DIVX.

The DVIX token is ranked 362nd on the market but has had a remarkable April so far. At the current price of $4.10, the coin has surged more than 100% higher than the value it had on March 30th at $1.47.

In the last 24 hours, the token has surged more than 64% against the US dollar and more than 77% over the last 7 days. If the team could deliver this, expect DIVX to be the next ETH if not BTC.

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