The Benefits Of Investing In Aeternity (AE) In 2018


Aeternity (AE) is a cryptocurrency that is based on Ethereum and makes use of the blockchain technology.

The aim of this coin (Aeon) is to make transaction faster and safer than the exciting cryptocurrencies. The mission of AE is to become a token that works better than Ethereum with its sophisticated platform.

The Way Aeternity (AE) Works

AE aims to take care of the problem of scalability, governance, decentralized providers of data and store data off-chain in state channels.  The Aeons initial distribution is handled by Ethereum and will later be converted into its own blockchain.

The platform’s consensus mechanism is working to become a hybrid version of Proof-of-Work and Proof of Stake. The introduction of this hybrid on the market increases the price of ethers and lowers its inflation.

This is a lucrative and important factor for many industries and has helped AE gain a competitive advantage over Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Aeon, the currency of Aeternity (AE) is available on exchange platforms like HitBTC, EtherDelta, Mercatox, and Liqui. The platform has built four technologies to make AE a highly south after coin.

These technologies include Oracle, Unique Governance, Consensus and State Channels.  The work of the Unique Governance is to take care of the market forecasts.

To improve the flow of information for any event such as security trading, the forecasting markets work effectively on the platform alongside Oracle.  The Oracle allows the customer to ask questions. The Oracle answers questions that the user can use in voting and purchasing the typed outcome or result.

The distribution or circulation of the profit only happens after calculation or announcement of the forecast gotten from the survey values.

The outcome from these survey values becomes what we refer to as the  “smart contracts”. The smart contracts are program codes and digital contracts that are prerequisite for any platform transaction or have information that bothers around the transaction.

The Future of Cryptocurrency

The Aeternity (AE) results obtained from its Oracle technology is very important and lucrative for companies such as the insurance firms that provide better accurate policies. The speed of the transaction is what AE has over its competitors.  The presence of i386 has made it possible that any transaction on the platform is done in seconds.

A possible application of this technology includes smart contracts, nano, and micropayments, investment prognoses, multiplayer video games, sidechains for food industries and lie detectors With i386, Aeternity is going to work better than the Intel Xeon i968 that is used by Bitcoin.

State Channel has made it possible for AE to verify any interaction and transaction between users, to ensure that they will not be visible to people on the blockchain.  The platform is supported by Consensus which makes it possible for users to decide on the validity of another block


Aeternity (AE) is working towards low transaction fees, data security and data protection. The platform is designed to correct weaknesses, reworking and identifying in other currencies. These are some of the factors that make AE a cryptocurrency to look out for in future.

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