Sudden NAV Coin (NAV) Rally Leaves Many Investors Guessing


NAV Coin (NAV) 2018 roadmap consists of major announcements that will enable it to rise against Bitcoin. The last 24 hours the NAV Coin presented notable gains especially in their new blockchain referred to as Valence. Currently, NAV Coin is trading at $1.85 level. The trade is an increase of 20.45% in its price.

The NAV Coin developers worked tirelessly to formulate a clear vision and a solid plan of the coin. The first plan of the coin of sharing their wider perspective is by presenting their new strategies. The roadmap will fulfill the coin’s goal of making cryptocurrency easy to use.

The Valence platform

NAV Coin (NAV) is about to unleash their new application known as Valence. It is a blockchain application comprising of several projects. The blockchain will offer developers with a suitable method for presenting their smart contracts. In the cryptocurrency’s first report on the expected application, developers would have the chance of adding more vital parts to the blockchain.

The objective of the application is increasing the methods of applications to everyday life scenarios. The new application will offer multiple tools that enable the building of anything you need based on your preferences. The tools also provide improved functionality such as methods of privacy, mechanisms of crowdfunding, and management of user data to your applications.

NAV Coin back to the Apple store

Due to some minor technical feedback surrounding one of the coin’s features – NavPay App, Apple store rejected them entry to their store in the year 2017. The developers behind NAV worked day in day out to clear up the listing rejection issues on the app store for iOS devices.

The rejection of the entry to the listing to the app store was just a tip of the iceberg; currently, they also have to handle the issues of being on the list of accepted cryptocurrency in the Apple store. The coin discussed this issue with Apple and hopefully waiting to appear in the accepted cryptocurrency list in a similar process to other cryptocurrencies.

A lecture on blockchain concepts

Alex is one of the developers at NAV Coin who addressed students at a university in Berlin about technology concept used in digital currencies. It was an ideal chance for the cryptocurrency since education is a key component in the digital currency.


NAV Coin (NAV) is prepared to fight for its space against other top cryptocurrencies in the market. The first stage is them acquiring the approval from Apple store. The listing and approval would enable any iOS app to have the ability to use NAV Coin in their app if they decide to adopt the coin. Stay tuned for an update about the approval, though you may use their web wallet on devices using iOS. The lecture addressed by one of their developers also has a significant impact on the NAV Coin’s future in the cryptocurrency industry. Education is a key element in cryptocurrency, therefore equipping the upcoming generation of students who are passionate about cryptocurrency would provide a clear roadmap for the future of technology used in blockchain for everyone.

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